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Trimetazidine Review And Information

Vastarel MR (Trimetazidine 20 mg Modified Release) abridged prescribing information.
Trimetazidine (Generic Vastarel®) is used in the treatment of ischaemic heart disease (angina pectoris, sequelae of infarction).

Long-term treatment of angina pectoris.

Other Applications
In France and possibly other countries, Trimetazidine is prescribed for the treatment of tinnitus, vertigo or dizziness, and for the treatment of visual problems thought to have a circulatory basis. The Trimetazidine dosage and administration in these cases is identical as for cardiac applications (see below).

Pharmacodynamic Properties
By preserving the energy metabolism in cells exposed to hypoxia or ischemia, Trimetazidine prevents a decrease in intracellular ATP levels, thereby ensuring the proper functioning of ionic pumps and transmembranous sodium-potassium flow whilst maintaining cellular homeostasis.
In man: controlled studies in angina patients have shown that Trimetazidine increases coronary flow reserve, thereby delaying the onset of ischemia associated with exercise, limits rapid swings in blood pressure without any significant variations in heart rate, significantly decreases the frequency of angina attacks, and leads to a significant decrease in the use of nitrates.

Trimetazidine Precautions
Pregnancy: Studies in animals have not demonstrated a teratogenic effect. However, in the absence of clinical data and for safety reasons, prescription should be avoided during pregnancy, don't stop taking vastarel and generic without consultant .

Breastfeeding: In the absence of data, breastfeeding is not recommended during treatment.

Trimetazidine Side effects:
Rare cases of gastrointestinal disorders.

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