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Revitacel is a privately-owned company that distributes the same high quality products Biozhem Cosmeceuticals, Inc had been distributing for over fifteen years.
Biozhem initially opened with its extremely successful Botanicals product line which quickly became a staple in the skin care community. Formulated with only natural ingredients, these products have thousands of customers who can attest to their quality and the real results that they provide. Later on, the company discovered the many benefits of Berridroxies in stoping the aging process. This led to the launch of the Berridroxy Line which included cleansers, moisturizers, eye gels, and a masque.

Revitacel hopes to repeat this success in the launch of its new Revolutionary Anti-Aging line. Fortified with antioxidants and other natural compounds, the Radiant Replenishing Cream and its accompanying Eye Cream again prove that Revitacel is at the forefront of the skin care industry.

All Revitacel products are available ordering through the Internet or by calling their Customer Service Center in Arizona.

What are berridroxies? How do they work?
Berridroxies are berry extracts (bilberry and black currant) obtained by the extraction of selected parts of the berry, assuring their richness in sugars and Vitamin C. The combination of the berries with lactic, glycolic, and malic acids make an active stimulant for skin cell and collagen regeneration.
According to new scientific studies, these berries also have been found to contain compounds that equal the industry standard for exfoliation. They equal Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids in effectiveness, yet are softer and milder designed to benefit even the most sensitive skins.

Why should I use the Botanical Skin care products?
The Botanicals Skin Basics Products have weathered the test of time. With thousands of loyal customers over the years, they truly are the gold standard for a daily skin care regimens. What sets them apart from other daily lines is their formulation. The Botanicals were created especially for people with sensitive skin who have experienced problems with other skin care lines. The products are designed to meet the needs of people from teens to more mature customers, providing excellent results for all. The best part is that they use only natural ingredients and are never tested on animals, buy skin care product online only from Revitacel !

What sort of results can I expect from the Revitacel anti-aging products?
Depending on the condition of your skin at the time of purchase, here is what you should see:
increased firmness
smoother texture
more even color-over time, dark patches fade away
decrease in the depth of wrinkles
overall improvement in tone
generally, a more youthful appearance
How soon will I see results when using Revitacel Anti-Aging Products?
Again, depending on the condition of your skin, some people may see results literally overnight. Most will see a difference between 15-20 days, and clinical studies proved measurable differences occur within 45 days.

Unfortunately there are companies out there that make claims about clinical studies they have supposedly done (i.e. better than botox? and many others). If you were to ask them for the details of the studies, they will not be able to show them to you. The reason is there are no studies that support their claims.

We have checked Revitacell com for quality and service and they got 2/5 stars rank !
We recommend buying anti-aging products only from Revitol - Great shopping experience. Buy with confidence.

Revitacel Delivery Locations

Revitacel ship worldwide.

Revitacel Contact Information

Customer service representatives available to answer any of your questions during business hours Monday through Saturday at 1-800-952-6226 . You may also e-mail them at [email protected] .

Revitacel Payment Methods

Revitacel accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners and Jb Cards.

Revitacel Testimonials

Revitacel Reviews:

“As an Estee Lauder customer for the past 25 years and the manager of the cosmetics department in a department store, I thought I had the best products available to me to keep my skin looking and feeling great. When I was asked to try Biozhem Revitacel, I was skeptical about the results I could expect, but after the initial six weeks I was sold on these products!
The combination of the Biozhem skin care products have given me the best results out of all the products I've used from top cosmetic lines. At 46 years old, my skin looks and feels great.
Finally, a product that can deliver the results it promises! I buy all natural skin care products only from Revitacel ! “
Debbie Nazarian, Monroe, LA

”What I had felt in the past 60 days is that Revitacel System has started to put the dewiness back into my skin. After the past two weeks of using the product I started to notice a visible difference with the evenness of my skin color, the softness of my skin and the overall better tone of all of my skin and from then on it just continued to look more even and glowing. I think glowing is the word that I would use to tell anybody how I felt about my skin.
Using the product it’s so easy. It’s really it’s a very quick and simple. For the results I’m getting I would’ve before I’d have to done this and done that. It literally is a five-minute procedure and I’m finding it a very easy and a very pleasant product to use.
Angela Tippell, Irvine, CA

“In 1992 I discovered the Biozhem/Revitacel products and have used them exclusively ever since. All my friends and family mention how very young I look although I am in my late fifties. I show very few lines, and the ones I have are not harsh, the pores are refined and I don’t even need to wear foundation as my skin now has a natural glow for using these wonderful products!”
Gladys Brady, Lemon Grove, CA

“ I was using an acne prescription drug for my problem skin. A friend gave me the beginner pack of five products from Biozhem/Revitacel. Using 5 products seemed quite new to me, however I used them as directed and my sensitive skin has been in clear, healthy condition every since. There is nothing quite like the Skin Basics system!”
Roxanne, C. Hurst, TX.

“People think I am at least ten years younger than I am! I have been using the Skin Basics (Revitacel) for over twenty years. I have tried other products and have never found anything that makes my skin feel as good as the Skin Basic 1-5 System.”
Tina S, San Clemente, CA

“In 1991 I was looking for a line of skin care that would improve the overall skin texture, appearance, and feel of my skin. When I found the Skin Basics (Revitacel), I purchased the five piece kit and followed the program carefully. To this day people are always commenting on how my skin looks so soft (It is!) and that it has a real glow to it. This program works and I am staying with it and never want to be without it.”
JoAnna D., San Jose, CA

”I use to be a Merle Norman user until I tried the Berrydroxies. I am 56 years old and have extremely sensitive skin. I tried all sorts of Alpha Hydroxy products, but they were too harsh for my skin. The Berrydroxies have never broken out my skin or caused irritation. The system is so light and smells so good. After using the system, I noticed a difference in only two weeks. My skin is smoother, and it feels like it is firmer. I will never use anything else again.”
Mona Updegraf, Boston, Mass

”I am 36 years old and have been using the Berrydroxies Firming System for over 8 months. I noticed a difference in my skin after the first week. After 2 months, the lines around my eyes were less noticeable. I want to keep it that way! Satin Finish is wonderful and my makeup goes on so smoothly and looks heavenly. My friends are always telling me how great my skin looks and that really makes me feel good. “
Jill Hutton, Los Angeles, CA

“I have used many creams in the last fifty years and 99% were worthless. Your creams (Revitacel) have made a difference in my complexion one that is noticeable to me. I noticed a change in my complexion the first time I used it. It has a wonderful clean smell and it is so simple to use. I just can’t say enough good things about this cream. It isn’t messy--I don’t walk around with cream plastered all over my face. I put it on and it actually disappears into my skin in seconds.”
Since it only takes a couple of minutes to do the whole procedure, I intend to use it on regular basis. Thought you would like to know that I am over 60 years old, very wrinkled, and very hard to please. I sure think your product is wonderful. What is even more wonderful, it works!
Gloria Gerich
PS. I have never written a testimonial to anyone about a product before…yours is the first.

“I am 28 years old with extremely dry skin. I am getting married next month and with all the stress of the wedding, I started to break out. I just thought that maybe your system (Revitacel) would help calm my skin since it is natural and has vitamins in the formulas, especially the Oatmeal Masque. I have used many products but to my surprise, the Berrydroxies has made my skin radiant. I always want to look good. I know that to prevent the signs of aging you have to start at an early age. Your system is the best I have ever used. The cleanser is so fresh and gentle I use it as my eye makeup remover. Berrydroxies & Crème keeps me moisturized all day long no matter how dry it is outside. I absolutely love the product.”
Barbara Harris, Dallas, Texas

"I am using the "treatment System Beta Hydroxy Cleanser. This weekend I spent too much time mowing the lawn and as a result, I felt a whale of a cold sore coming on my upper lip. When I finally looked at it, I could see the blister was going to cover appx a 1" area!!!! I was not at my home and did not have the things I normally use for this. SO--I just put some of the Beta cleanser on the area in hopes it would stop the blister from forming and spreading. IT DID--COMPLETELY!!! A few small blisters formed, but did not fill with fluid as they usually do. I have suffered all my life with this thing, I have concocted so many remedies I could open a pharmacy--BUT nothing ZAPPED this monster like your product. I will never use anything else again. Thank You.
-Pat Ewing

"I live in a very dry climate and spend a great deal of time outdoors. After using the anti-aging products (Revitacel), I am amazed at how replenished and healthy my skin is looking now. After applying foundation, my skin stays hydrated all day. On days I do not wear any foundation, my skin has a more natural glow, after using these great products! Thank you Revitacel.”
Shea L. Park, Belfry, MT

“I have been a sun worshiper for too many years. The sun has damaged my skin so badly that I look 15 years older than I am. Or should I say, I used to look older. I have been using the Berrydroxies system for over 9 months. I can’t tell you the difference in my skin.
People have actually thought I had laser surgery, but I haven’t. My wrinkles have lessened, my skin is firmer and healthy. I don’t know what you put in your products but they are the best I have ever used. Truly, this skin care system is different, it really works. Thank you for helping me feel good about myself. “
Carol Hunter, Laguna Beach, CA

“I have adult acne and hated to look in the mirror! I saw your TV program and the Berrydroxies sounded different and claimed it could help my skin condition. When I ordered the system I didn’t really think it would work. Was I ever wrong. My skin has never looked or felt better. As I approach 50, I not only was concerned about the acne but the sagging of the skin. I have been on this system for 7 months and I can tell you that it has done miracles. I love the Berrydroxy Firming Blast…..and the smell is like walking in a field of berries.”
Becky Smith, St. Louis, MO

”I am a 51-year-old female that has suffered with extreme dry itchy skin over the years. I have been to three dermatologists and four medical doctors trying to find relief for this condition. It seems to come and go and lasts for several months at a time. One of the dermatologists prescribed Temovate (which is a steroid cream) to alleviate the itching. This did work, but I did not take the warning about prolonged use serious and medicated myself for several weeks. When you are itching beyond belief you will do most anything for relief.
To make a long story short this prolonged use of Temovate damaged my skin so that a slight bump in the affected area would make a large, ugly blue bruise (much like you see on the elderly). My medical doctor informed me this damage could be permanent.
After reading the claims of Revitacel I decided to see if it would help my damaged skin. I have been using the pack on my forearms for 2 months and am pleased to tell you that even though I still bruise if I take a hard bump to my forearms, the bruising is much less and does not occur at all with only a slight bump. Also I have not suffered with the itchy skin condition since. “
Ms. Jo Ann Mullins, Beaver, Ohio

What can I say but I had to write and thank you.
I have suffered for the past ten years with a skin disorder similar to Roseacea. After going from doctor to doctor no one could diagnoses what I have and therefore never could help resolve the problem.
I am very skeptical of items advertised on television and would never in my life buy a face product.
First of all, I would like to compliment you on the fact that Lindsay Wagner is your spokesperson. We’re almost the same age and I grew up watching her and respecting her as an actress. Though there are many other actresses that promote products I always believed it was more hype than sincerity.
With all of that in mind I thought I would give it a chance.
I couldn’t believe how for the first time the Roseacea. has disappeared, the laugh lines are smooth, SMOOTH, I couldn’t believe it even though you show it in your PR pictures. And to top it off I feel like I’ve had a face-lift without the expense or tribulations.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have been able to help a person who went to numerous doctors for help and no one could properly diagnosis the problem and more importantly HELP me.”
Cathy Warshaw

“I just love that berry fragrance on the Berrdroxies moisturizing product. It just smells so good! When I use the Revitacel System in the evening I just feel like I’m doing something so good for myself and it just, it’s pleasant to use, it’s also very easy to use. I’ve found that the amount of time I’m spending on my skin has probably less than before.”
Jeannine Smith

*The testimonials shown above are based on actual letters we received from our many satisfied customers that read this page of review and bought from Revitacel!


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