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"I am so thankful to have found Profect after my gastric bypass surgery. It is such a big help in getting in the protein I need. I love the fact that it is less than 3 ounces, too! It goes down so easy. It makes it so easy to bring to work and travel. Thank you. "
Nancy Pappas Teismann, Ohio

Protica is a nutraceutical research company headquartered in Lafayette Hill, PA. Their core business is centered around the research and development of nutritional products. Leveraging diverse technologies, Protica are uniquely equipped to develop products representing significant advances in nutrition.

Protica are a company built on values. Protica value their customers, their employees, their vendors and the society in which Protica all live and function. They are obligated to ensure that everything they do is consistent with this value statement.

Their first commercially available product, Profect, is the result of more than three years of continuous research and development. Protica Profect is a highly-bioavailable protein beverage. Formulated with 25 grams of a highly-compartmentalized protein complex, Profect helps meet macronutrient requirements while weighing in at less than 2.7 fluid ounces.

Their products
Profectģ protein beverage is indicated for a broad range of special medical needs. It is also used to support a healthy lifestyle.

For health and exercise enthusiasts, Protica Profect conveniently provides 25 grams of protein, zero carbohydrates (no sugar), and zero fat in a ready-to-drink vial weighing less than three fluid ounces.

For medical patients with special protein needs, Profect provides critical nutrition. Protica Profect may be administered orally or via feeding tube. Orally, it can be consumed by itself as a ready-to-drink beverage. It may also be mixed with other foods, beverages (any temperature), or supplements.

Profect protein therapy is recommended for patients when high-density nutrition (i.e. maximum grams of protein per fluid ounce), low glycemic index, low allergen content, high bioavailability, or excellent palatability is a critical requirement.

Oftentimes, patients with special dietary requirements have difficulty consuming protein because they cannot tolerate the taste, the volume, the protein allergens, or the protein structure (eg. large or denatured protein molecules).

We have checked Protica com for quality and service and they got 5 stars out of 5 !
Everything was perfect (we did a test buy). Buy with confidence.

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Protica ship worldwide.

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Protica Delivery Methods & Shipping Charges
Protica delivers in all 50 states via FedEx, UPS, USPS, LTL and truckload carriers. Protica also ship to many inter- and extra-continental countries (the current list of countries is available via the Estimate Shipping button near the top-right of your screen). Shipping charges are calculated during checkout, with the exception of LTL and truckload shipments which are estimated during the transaction and refined after the transaction.
All orders are generally processed by the next business day.

Protica Contact Information

Postal Mail
Protica, Inc.
PO Box 635
Lafayette Hill, PA
[email protected]

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Protica accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, And Discover Cards.

Protica Testimonials

Protica Reviews:

A friend of ours bought Profect for my diabetic husband. That was in September of 2003. Profect is the only change he made to his diet since then, and his health improves with each check-up.
Mary Waters, Oklahoma

This protein is the very best that I have tasted on the market yet! It is so user friendly. If I am going away, I pop one in my purse and go. I don't have to worry about it leaking, or trying to mix it on the go. It is very tasty, without the gritty texture of some proteins. The one thing I really love is that it packs a whopping 25 grams of protein in only 2.7 ounces! That means so much to me, as I am not able to eat large amounts at a time and there is NO way that I am able to get my required amount of protein (74-80 grams a day) in food alone. Other protein drinks take me so long to drink them because of their volume and taste. I am so happy that I have found this product!
Mary Webb, Ohio

Your product is the best protein I have ever tried. I had gastric bypass surgery and my diet requires a lot of protein. I struggled through powdered protein, pre-made protein shakes and protein bars that are so dense they take an hour to eat, not to mention some have too much sugar that is detrimental to my new "system". I am amazed at the flavor, size and protein grams in Profect. It is my new wonder food. What's best is that it is not a chore to drink Profect, but a pleasure.
Gisela E. Paul, Florida

Paul's continuing improvement in his health depends on Profect. We are thrilled with the way he feels while taking this supplement. I believe I told you that he had gastric bypass on March 8. Since that time it has been a struggle to get enough protein in him. He can only ingest 6 ounces every 1 1/2 to 2 hours. He cannot have sugar or fats. As you know, most protein supplements are 8 to 11 ounces (or more) and many contain sugar. It was taking Paul an entire day of constant drinking to get in enough protein plus 32 ounces of water. In addition, the other protein supplements (and believe me, we tried EVERYTHING available) made him nauseated. He also found most of the flavors very distasteful. Because of this, he was avoiding the supplements and became quite ill.
Profect has made all the difference in the world. The taste is pleasant, and the small volume per serving means that Paul can get 50 grams of protein in 2 small, palatable servings. That leaves the rest of the day free to ingest enough water to avoid dehydration. What used to be a DREADED event - protein time - has become a delight.
Yesterday Paul saw his surgeon and gave him the brochures that you so kindly included with our order. The surgeon was very excited about your product and is going to present it to all of his gastric bypass patients. He says that many of his patients cannot manage the larger volume of most protein drinks. He looked at the nutritional profile of Profect and was quite impressed.
Rebecca Taylor, California

After having gastric bypass surgery in October 2004 I am required to supplement my daily intake with vitamins and additional protein. Most of the protein supplements available to me contained whey as a main ingredient and I was not able to take them. After trying several other protein supplements with limited success I discovered Profect, a great tasting amino-based protein drink containing a high amount of protein. With Profect Iím able to keep my daily protein intake at a constant level, while not feeling too full and giving up regular food. A 2.7 oz. vial of Profect contains as much or more protein than most 12 oz protein supplement shakes. I strongly believe in the Profect products as a great protein supplement for those who have undergone weight loss surgeries.
Laura F., Washington

I had gastric bypass in September 2005 and always struggled with my protein requirements. Most of the powdered protein supplements come in chocolate, vanilla, or something fruity which tastes nothing like fruit. I am not fond of chocolate that much either. Protica was the perfect thing for me. It's not that sweet and with a protein bar and two vials of Protica a day I have all my protein in. I do wish there were more flavors though. I did not like the Blue Raspberry, but the other flavors are fine. There is no after taste, which is great. Protica has definitely been my best and easiest source of protein and I will continue to use it. My main source of getting protein in was the no-carb Isopure with 40 grams of protein in a 20oz. bottle. Not bad but too sweet to have all the time. Compare that to having two 3oz vials of Protica a day that is 50grams of protein. I love it and while all protein products may not taste that great all the time this one hits the mark - easy and convenient.
Marlene Branch, California

I like the convenient size, the small serving and most of the flavors.
I am a gastric bypass patient who has a difficult time getting in all my protein requirements, but Profect helps me get all my protein daily!
Kelly Cromer, California

The taste is awesome! So much better than the other protein drinks I have tried. I recently had weight loss surgery and am at the point where I am supposed to get 50 grams of protein a day while staying under 500 calories. This helps wonders - they give a variety that makes you not get tired of it and I actually look forward to my daily serving. THANKS!
Darla Foster, Texas

I had Gastric Bypass surgery in December 2005 and my nutrition program following surgery requires that I consume 100 grams of protein daily.
Profect has been a tremendous aid in fulfilling these requirements. I have lost 100 pounds in less than 4 months with the help of PROFECT.
I use it as a snack, in combination with my meal and as a pick-me-up when exercising.
Mitchell - Coral Springs, Florida

I love this protein. It is easy to take and a quick fix to dreaded protein consumption. Thanks for making a fruity and light protein instead of the dreary heavy, powdery mixes we are so used to.
TJ Wiggins, Tennessee

I love it. The convenience, the taste. It is so easy to drink Profect compared to a powdered drink I tried to choke down every morning. I can drink Profect on my way to work and enjoy every little ounce.
Profect has made my life easier. After gastric-bypass surgery getting enough protein was a BIG problem. I tried dozens. I just couldn't go with the powdered ones.
Robin Scouten, New York

The small amount for that much protein is great. I had gastric bypass surgery last summer and this is wonderful for those days that I just can't get enough protein from eating.
Pam Stockton, North Carolina

I like a lot of things about Profect. I like the portability. I like the 2.7 ounce jolt of protein. I love the Cool Melon Splash Flavor and buy it exclusively.
Profect has impacted not only my life, but my lifestyle in a huge way. I now am getting my required protein grams effortlessly WITHOUT having to use a blender. I don't like that powdered stuff anyway. The taste, texture and convenience are the best things that have happened to me so far.
The only story I have to tell is this: I am status post gastric bypass. I had surgery on October 3, 2005. I have lost 85 pounds so far.
I NEED to have protein supplementation in order to sustain a healthy life. I was noncompliant with this requirement until I discovered Profect. I am now compliant with my protein requirements. I look forward to it, in fact. Only thing is, I have to hide it from the kids.
I do find that I tend to run out of steam during the day. I carry a few vials of Profect with me, in the car, in my purse, and in my laptop case. If I need a "boost" it's easy for me to take care of that without much fuss. Thank you Protica!
Cheryl Blake, California

Small amount to consume for 25 grams of protein. Easy to bad after taste. Profect has given me more energy as I am post bariatric surgery, and I was unable to consume enough protein. I was losing hair and had absolutely no energy. Profect gives me energy and has restored my hair without horrible aftertaste!
J.R. - Illinois

I love the convenience of Profect. I don't have time to mess with fixing a protein shake, so being able to just pour it over ice is great.
The flavors are also good.
C.J. - Pekin, IL

The flavors are great. Itís like tasting a new flavor every time I use Profect. Profect has helped me make the change and made life a little easier since my Gastric Bypass Surgery in December.
I have lost over 90 pounds, and Profect has helped me feel great, both mentally and physically knowing I'm getting the proper amounts of protein I need. Profect Protein Beverage is an everyday part of my life, and it will always be my choice of protein.
Vance Hale, Arizona

I really enjoy being able to drink my protein in just three large sips! I HATE protein powders and shakes. As a gastric bypass patient, this product helps me meet my protein needs quickly each day!
Jennifer Rosen, Delaware

Profect tastes great. The protein is very easy to drink and fits into my daily requirements. I am a gastric bypass patient, and before I found Profect I was unable to get the correct amount of protein in my daily diet. This product has made that so easy! Thank You!
Crystal Milano, Texas

I love how easy it is to get 25 grams of protein in one small tube - and it tastes great! There are so many things a gastric bypass patient must do every day...take lots of vitamins, drink lots of water, get a lot of protein, and exercise. It's nice that it is so easy to get my required protein - and actually enjoy it!
Ansley Cox, Georgia

I like the fruity taste, especially the Melon flavor. I also like that it goes down well, and gives me a HUGE protein boost without a huge serving of food. It also travels well in my purse. It has made getting my protein goal met much easier since Gastric Bypass in January 2005. I tell everyone about it.
Michelle Maronge, Louisiana

*The testimonials shown above are based on actual letters we received from our many satisfied customers that read this page of review and bought from  Protica!


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