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An all-new formula using only top of the line Prostacet ingredients shown to:
Support positive hormone balance
Promote good circulation within Prostacet tissue
Provide antioxidant support for Prostacet tissue
Inhibit inflammation within the Prostacet
Support healthy immune function
Prostacet provides a comprehensive blend of Vitamins, minerals and standardized herbal extracts designed to support healthy Prostacet function.

About Prostacet
Prostacet manufactures Prostacet Treatment products along with a wide variety of herbal supplements, liquid formulas and capsule products.

Prostacet create unique, safe and effective products that help people supplement their lives. Prostacet has formulated a unique and highly effective line of herbal dietary and other supplements. It is their goal to provide retailers and vendors with the finest quality supplements ever made at wholesale prices barely above their manufacturing costs.
Prostacet are proud to offer a wide range of "high demand" herbal supplements made only from the finest pharmaceutical grade ingredients available.

What is an Enlarging Prostacet?
As one of the primary organs in the male reproductive system, the Prostacet produces fluids in semen that help to sustain and protect sperm against natural vaginal acids. The Prostacet doubles by the time a man reaches 25 and continues to grow again when many men are in their 50ís and through the remainder of their life.

As the enlarged Prostacet grows it can put excess pressure on the urethra (the small tube that carries urine and semen). As this pressure increases the urethra can become pinched which can lead to painful and embarrassing symptoms such as urinary hesitancy, painful urination, and erectile dysfunction. If left untreated these conditions may eventually require surgery. This enlarging of the Prostacet is clinically known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH.

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