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The ProExtender is easy to apply, painless to use and can even be worn discretely under loose fitting trousers! The ProExtender increases both penis length and girth!

The Principle
The ProExtender uses traction to assist the human body's natural ability to change and develop under physical influence. If a certain part of the body is exposed to a constant, permanent stretch, the cells in this area begin to divide and multiply, thus increasing the tissue mass. The enlargement will consequently happen in both the length and width (girth) of the penis. This natural principle has been known and used through centuries in many different cultures in order to develop or extend various body parts ..

The Product
Their specially designed plastic ring is placed around the base of the penis. A plastic and silicone holder is fastened around the head of the penis. Between the ring and the holder are two dynamic metal bars which are attached applying a variable tension between 600 and 1.500 gram. You control the amount of tension applied. The ProExtender is virtually for every man and every penis size.

How Does ProExtender Work Practically
The ProExtender can be used any time of the day, for various lengths of time, at work or home, depending on your personal schedule. The total amount of hours the ProExtender is worn, combined with the amount of traction, determines the result of the treatment.

It is not necessary to wear the ProExtender for a long uninterrupted time to obtain results. For example: 2 hours daily treatment for 12 months, will give the same final result as 12 hours daily for 2 months. You can also take a break for a period of time, without diminishing the final result. Refraining from using the ProExtender does not result in "loosing" part of the enlargement already gained. It may also be worn at night but may become detached during uneasy sleep or during a nightly erection. It is recommended that you use the Protection Pad or other protective measures when the ProExtender is worn at night.

After some initial practice, the application of the ProExtender takes less than a minute. Treatment with the Pro Extender has no side effects and it will not have any influence on urination, erection or fertility, and the results are permanent !

Is It Worth it? SURE.
These 2 products have showed results and you have a 100% guarantee that they will work. We know it, the people who have tried them know it and you will know it too. Its that simple.

Why take gambles with weights or pumps? It makes no sense!

Where Can I Get ProExtender Online ?

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ProExtender Testimonials

ProExtender Reviews:

"I really didn't think there was a solution to my worries about my penis size, but one day my friend let it slip that he had been using this system for the last few months and was making great progress. In fact, after he started, he couldn't stop talking about it. After that conversation he had me convinced and I ordered mine the next day, I started seeing results pretty quickly, about six weeks in there was definitely an all around enlargement, by 8 weeks, 1.5 cm in length and about .5 around. It's now been a little over three months and I am on my way to 2.5 cm. That's a full inch!
They say word of mouth advertising is the best. My friend told me, now I'm telling you (And everyone) the ProExtender™ is the Real Deal."
-John H.

"I have only been using the device for a few weeks and I am already seeing amazing results. Not only is my penis longer but it is also straighter - something I had hoped for but didn't expect. This unit not only lives up to its claim but it is a high-quality instrument. I showed my ProExtender™ to a friend who is a precision machinist and he told me that in his professional opinion the ProExtender™ is made from high-grade materials and appears to be on par in design, construction, and materials with medical equipment used professionally.
Thanks for making a quality product that delivers on its promise."
-Rod K.

"I'll admit I had some concerns before purchasing the ProExtender™ ; namely cost and comfort. The cost factor was easy to figure out, how badly did I want to enlarge my penis and how much would the alternative surgery cost? The answer was that I really wanted a larger penis, I always have and that alone would be worth the investment. Factoring in the huge costs involved in enhancement surgery and more importantly, the possibility of complications made my decision clear and I ordered the ProExtender™ realizing that to settle the discomfort issue I would have to try it - After all, there is a money back guarantee.
As it turns out, the ProExtender™ is light, very well constructed and after the initial unfamiliar feel goes away, in my case about 4 days, I hardly noticed it. Sometimes I experience a light soreness but I take that as a sign it's working, much like the soreness in my muscles after a work out.
I've been wearing the ProExtender™ about 5-6 hours a day, 6 days a week. Again, like working out I feel consistency is the key - And I've had amazing results. My Confidence, sex drive, and stamina are all vastly increased, just like the size of my penis - Almost an inch in around 6 months.
I'm 44 years old, feel like I'm 24 and wish I'd discovered the ProExtender™ 20 years ago!"
-Mark A.

"It is difficult to describe to someone who doesn't know how it feels when you are not happy with the size of your penis. You eagerly read up on every new product on the market, you spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on products that don't deliver. Naturally when I saw that ad for ProExtender™ , I was a little skeptical, but the more I read, the more it made sense. Especially the reference to the traction method used by tribal people. Studying tribal cultures is a bit of a hobby for me and in some tribes the men have lengthened their penises to an amazing degree. Now here was a chance to apply the same principles with a modern, lightweight, medically approved apparatus. I was sold.
The truth us, the ProExtender™ works. In ten months I've added almost an inch in length and half an inch in girth, my erections are hard as a rock and I have increased sexual energy. I plan on using it for at least another year and see how large I can get, it's so exciting. I really was beginning to think that there was no real solution to my size problem, but trust me, there is. It's called ProExtender™ ."
-Kelly C.

"I have been using the ProExtender™ regularly for several months now and U'm already noticing results. My penis has noticeably grown in length and that's not the only thing that's grown. My self confidence is through the roof, as is my sex drive!
I don't know if it's psychological or physical but I want sex more and can perform way more than I used to. Before, every time I was with a partner it would be in the back of my mind that maybe I didn't measure up, but now, no worries at all. I can't wait to see how I look in another six months!
-Tony E.


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