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Congratulations on discovering one of the safest and most effective methods of penis enlargement available anywhere, you have taken the first step on the road to an amazing future!

Imagine enlarging your penis just by exercising it, how good would that make you feel? Do you wish you could talk to any woman without feeling inferior? Do you want to experience a confidence that radiates throughout your entire life?

When you join Penis Health from Lativio all of this becomes possible by implementing their incredibly powerful penis exercise routine into your everyday life, and best of all with their guarantee its completely risk free!

By using one of the oldest forms of enlargement going, an exercise known as the Jelq or Jelqing, in conjunction with over 30 specially formulated exercises you can add up to 3 inches to your penis in a matter of weeks.

Can you really afford not to become the man you want to be?
Enlarge Your Penis by upto 3 Inches!
PenisHealth gives you all of the information and exercises you need to help enlarge your penis, not only in length but also in girth!
They also give you exercises to help with your general sexual performance, whether it be premature ejaculation, correcting curvatures or erection hardness, the PenisHealth system is designed to help you be a better lover!

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Penis Health Testimonials

Penis Health Reviews:

Daryl is one of our many many satisfied customers and has been an active poster on our member forums since June 2005 (Username - Dazzlingdaz3) and has not only achieved massive personal gains from our program but has also helped many members to get the most out of their routines.
This is his story in his own words:
"My whole PE journey is fairly well documented in my various threads and posts, but I thought I would summarize my experiences to date in a single testimonial.
My insecurities with my original penis size started at the age of 15 (just entering puberty), when I had a really bad experience with a group of my peers ( who were all well into puberty). I was a late starter, but one could tell that I was going to be smaller that average and this led to ridicule for the remainder of my high school life (nickname Jellybean) and caused me to become a social recluse through my adolescent and even early adult years.
In 2003, I had viewed some televised footage on successful Penis Enlargement surgery and whilst surfing the net on the subject, stumbled on the penis-health website. I read all the marketing material on the website and decided to invest $50 and subscribe to the site. I absorbed all the info on the whole concept and mechanical means of PE. I measured my starting stats correctly and learnt the exercises and routines and commenced PE in September 2003. I became a lurker of the Mens-network forum and hungrily continued my education on the subject by regularly reading all the posts and threads contained therein. At this point, I was not a participating member in the forum.
My initial routine was followed religiously and to the letter as outlined in the penis-health site. 3 days on 2 off ? beginners routine 20-25mins. I quite quickly moved up to the intermediate program and started cautiously experimenting with the advanced exercises and supplements from my second month. My starting measurements were BPEL 5 7/8? (NBPEL 4 ? ? approx) and EG 5 1/8? My flaccid size was an embarrassment at around 2? length and 4 ?? girth. . I was extremely amazed when the results occurred. I had been doing the exercises religiously for about 5 - 6 weeks and only noticed flaccid gains and a small bit in EG and EL, ( although harder erections and a huge increase in horniness were noticed within the first week), then I had a growth spurt and 1/2" literally appeared in a week. By the 4th month, (February 2004), I had achieved an inch gain in BPEL and about 1/4" girth. I then gave the program away for around 17 months before restarting the exercises and becoming an active member on the Mens-network forum in July 2005. During this 17 month absence, I lost 4 mm of my erect length and a small amount of girth, both of which were regained quite quickly upon recommencing the exercises.
From July 2005 ? February 2006, I have included various other apparatus, as discussed on this forum and feel that these have contributed to my success in their own unique way. In February 2006, I received the Size Genetics system of Andropenis Extender, Pro Solution Pills and Volume Pills. My experiences with these products are well documented in the forum and have been fantastic in my opinion. I have recently started trialing the Proenhance patches and will be documenting my experiences with these on the forum soon.
To date, My statistics are as follows: BPEL 7.3? ( 6 ? NBPEL) x EG 5 ??. My flaccid size is great but still varies on occaision according to conditions ? around 5? ? 6? length and 5 1/8 girth. My success has come as a direct result of my obsession to have a larger penis, the education received from my penis-health subscription, the continuing education, support and motivation of the Mens-network forum and its members and moderators and my own dedication and commitment to a regular PE workout routine, along with the various products and accessories I have trialed along the way. In March 2006 I was honored to be invited to become a moderator on this forum. My whole experience with PE has been fantastic, I have derived a great deal of satisfaction from my gains, the opportunity to share my success, experiences and be an inspiration to others. In turn, this has lifted my confidence and self esteem to the point that I now hold my head high when facing the world, I have overcome many negative personal issues that have haunted me in the past and held me back from realizing my real potential in all aspects of life. In short, at the age of 39, my life has never been filled with so much fun, excitement, people interaction and respect (both given and received), new experiences and opportunities and excitement for my future.
Thanks to all the PE influences in my life"

Testimonial #421: Shadow1, Members Forum
"I have to say I was doubtful about being able to enlarge my penis through simple exercise, I was wrong. It's been a full year of a dedicated exercise program and patience.
When I started the program on Penis-Health I was just below average in length and girth(5.75L and 4.75G)
I am now a half an inch longer, and an inch bigger in girth.
Through the program my erections have become stronger and I maintain it for a longer period of time. My wife has commented on the difference and we have sex a hell of lot more, although I couldn't complain before!
I've also been able to cure the weak bladder I'd had since I was a kid with the kegel exercises described. I'm a lot more confident in everyday life and hold my head high (pun intended). Thanks to Penis-Health and all the support they provide."

Testimonial #418: Jareth, Member Forum
"I have gained over an inch in erect length, and actually consider myself to be a hard gainer when it comes to length gains. My erect girth is a different story, I have gained nearly an inch in erect girth and that is extremely good to say the least!
I notice my dick changing, more veins, and total separation from my two side chambers, so pronounced I have a valley running up the middle of my dick where the two chambers separate.
I educated myself greatly and helped this site out dramatically with my questions, and responses over the last two years, and they rewarded me with the title of being a Moderator. I am very excited to continue helping out the members here, and the non-members looking for guidance.
PE is an issue I will be associated with for the rest
of my life PE works, simple as that."

Testimonial #404: Jethroll, Member Forum
"After suffering from high levels of stress I actually managed to half an inch of penis length. It was very annoying because I was barely 20 years old!
What's more it seemed to get worse, my erections weren't as hard and I became so sensitive I ejaculated a bit almost any time I got a hard on. Looking at my erect dick failed to inspire any kind of sexual confidence in me whatsoever. Sometimes I could almost hear a girl snickering at my penis in the back of my mind
Then one day I discovered penis-health from a totally random search on the net. I was a bit skeptical about increasing the size of my dick but I knew that my dick could become stronger and healthier. After reviewing many sites I chose penis-health because of its sterling reputation, it's quality videos and its free consultation.
I'm very pleased to tell you that I've already regained my lost length plus a little extra! Even more importantly I've overcome my sensitivity issue and my erections are stronger, longer lasting and
fuller than they have ever been before!
Penis-health has helped my penis discover a veritable fountain of youth. When my dick gets hard nowadays it's like a rock and I've got more trust in my sexual ability than I've ever had before. Whenever I look at my erect dick I feel confident enough that I could please even the most uptight women
What an amazing difference after 4 months, I can almost hear the girl moaning about how much she loves my dick."

Testimonial #376: Substance, Member Forum
"I started when I was 19 I always was critical of my penis size and after one girl kinda made a joke about it I decided to research on the web on how to increase the size of my penis. After a few weeks of research I found that was the best for natural penis enlargement and I decided that I would try this system out.
This was about a year ago that I started these exercises. Nevertheless, we will start from the beginning I started the exercises very basic at the 7-10 minutes. This allowed me the chance to really get use to the exercises and with the instruction videos and pictures penis-health was extremely helpful with my progress.
When I started my program I measure 6 inches on the button and just over 5 inches on girth.
The reason why I pointed this out was that I dreamed of a larger penis which meant a massive gain within my length potential. However, at the same time a little girth wouldn't be the worst thing in the world .
Okay back to my story. After the first month of doing the exercises 5 days every week I noticed that my penis was growing particularly when flaccid. Therefore, I decided to measure my penis and sure enough my dick had grown a half inch in length and stayed the same on girth. With this achievement I began to get extremely happy.
Now onto the next while. I will speed it up because if i were to go through every month it would take quite a while. Alright after about 8 months straight of doing the exercises I measured once again
I had grown an inch in length and 1/2 inch in girth and now was standing at 7 inches in length and 5 1/2 inches in girth.
After I did this measurement I decided to take a few months off. After returning to my exercises I measure once again and my gains were exactly the same and now I am continuing my gains with a gain of .5 inches to my length to make me 7 1/2 inches after my first two months back on the programme.
In conclusion, to all the disbelievers on penis enlargement just ask me and I will tell you that it works. Now with my new penis I have an amazing gf and a self esteem that I thought I would never have."

Testimonial #337: Wolf, Member Forum
"I wish the information about penis enlargement had been available twenty years ago. I am now middle aged - and have always felt a little embarrassed about my small penis when flaccid (although its erect size was reasonable).
After just three weeks of penis exercises I am beginning to see astonishing gains in flaccid length.
Instead of the shriveled up slug I am used to observing, I now see a long muscular looking penis that hangs and swings
I am so amazed and pleased that I have kept nipping off to the bathroom to have a quick look to check that it really is still as long - and it is. Thank you penis-health. The psychological effect of having a good sized penis is enormous.
It is not just a matter of no longer feeling shame in the locker room at the gym, but also a more subtle and pervasive feeling of being more adequate as a man - and no matter what one's achievements in the world, our basic biology and evolutionary history means that penis size matters - it matters both to women and to men."

Testimonial #327: Xercist249, Member Forum
"I always felt insecure of my penis because I always felt that it never quiet lived up to the African-American sterio-type. And since I finally reached that age where I can buy my own personal products over the internet, I gave the pro-solution pills a chance.
At first glance of the website I assumed all I had to do was swallow a pill once a day for three months and I'd reach that proudly African-American sterio-type. However I was wrong and found out that you actually had to do exercises; I admit I was aggravated at first but I went through with the exercises manipulating them to fit my desire.
So far I've been PEing for 3 weeks and have been using the Pro Solution pills for 2 weeks; The part you've been waiting for...
I have gone from 7.0 erect to 7.5 erect!
I'm bigger than most of the peoples' here goals in just two weeks. When I measured myself doing a PE straight forward stretch exercise today I measured 8.1 so I know I'm still getting bigger. I have a vision of reaching 9+. Wish me Luck!!!"

*The testimonials shown above are based on actual letters we received from our many satisfied customers that read this page and tried Penis Health Program!

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