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Optimal Health Network is a secure and confidential website that provides high quality, hard to find products and resources for your colon health. It was created out of the need to have integrity based information and shopping for enema related products on the web. All products backed by Certified Colon Therapist, Kristina Amelong.

It is the culmination of input gathered by professionals from different realms, all with the intense desire to have a responsible approach to enemas online.

Optimal Health Network website offers resources and information, message boards, nutritional supplements and colon related products. It is also a source for personal, health related, enema stories and experiences. Submit your personal stories, tips and advice and it may be included on their website.

We have checked OptimalHealthNetwork.com for quality and service and they got 1 stars out of 5 !
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Delivery Locations

World Wide shipping.


Handling time for your order is 1-3 business days for items in stock.

Custom orders can expect 2 weeks production time.

Occasionally Optimal Health Network become out of stock on an item due to a vendor shortage. If any item on your order is out of stock Optimal Health Network will notify you. To keep shipping costs reasonable Optimal Health Network hold the entire order until Optimal Health Network have all items in stock so that you will incur only one shipping charge.

Optimal Health Network ship via DHL Express services and the them Post Office (for PO Boxes only).

All international orders are shipped with DHL International Express, as they can be tracked through the entire shipping process. This is the only way Optimal Health Network will ship internationally as the them Airmail commonly loses packages.

With DHL Optimal Health Network ship to 220 countries If you are unsure if Optimal Health Network ship to your country, place an order online (you can always back out). In step two of the order process, you are asked for your address. If your country is not available in the country drop down, then Optimal Health Network do not ship to your location.

Please be sure you have entered the correct shipping address. Shipping errors are costly as they incur triple charges (to the wrong address, returned to them, to the right address). If the error is yours, you will be charged for all the shipping charges.

Optimal Health Network Contact Information

Behind the Optimal Health Network products is the Optimal Health Center in Madison, Wisconsin. The Center was founded and is owned by Certified Colon Therapist, Nutritional Consultant and author, Kristina Amelong. It serves as the small business distribution center for all their products and information. Optimal Health Network are available for questions, consultations and sales by phone, online and in person. their hours are 9am till 3pm, Monday through Friday(Central Time). Optimal Health Network are located at 2158 Atwood Avenue Madison, WI 53704. Phone 608-242-0200 or email [email protected].

Optimal Health Network Testimonials

Good Recommendation
Your recommendation to use the silicone colon tube has been exactly what you said it would be.

Man with back injury adds enemas to his health regime
I don't have ANY daily pain and for the first time in years I can stretch and work out again

Personal Journey Towards Health
I want tell you about my personal journey toward health using your products and advice. For the last ...

Satisfied Customer in England
Thank you for the efficient and discreet supply of my order for enema equipment for use by my wife a ...

Colon Cleansing Newcomer Feels Great!
I began doing daily coffee enemas. I am feeling a tremendous sense of well-being after being somewh ...

Enema Soap
I LOVE that enema soap!

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