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Noni Juice

Noni Juice is a unique tropical fruit that is grown in the Pacific Islands. It is known to the Pacific Island people as a beneficial food. Typically it is taken as a drink to enhance bodily function and support overall good health. It is widely known as the “Aspirin of the Ancient”.

It's been successfully used for over 2,000 years in Polynesia, China India and elsewhere and grows best wherever there is pollution free volcanic soil. The Cook Islands being one of many regions where it grows, have a unique feature; they are the only region in the world that can claim to be totally "Organic" in its horticulture.

“None” is the Cook Islands name for what Noni Juice here call “Noni Juice”. In the Cook Islands the fruit has been used medicinally for hundreds of years. Today, when you travel to the Cook Islands, you will often see local people picking some of their shrubs. When the Cook Islanders do not feel well, whatever the cause, they tend to try the fruit first.

Botanically the fruit is called: Morinda Citrifolia. It grows on a shrub type tree and the size of the fruit is about the same size as a medium avocado pear. The skin has warts on it similar to a pomegranate. The shrub shows fruit some 10 months after planting. It reaches maturity in about 18 months and then yields between 4 to 8kg of fruit every month, all year round.

Benefits Of Noni Juice Juice:

· Lower High Blood Pressure
· Reduce Arthritis Symptoms/Pain
· Enhance Cellular Health
· Inhibits pre cancer function and growth of cancer tumors
· Strengthen Immune System
· Increases body energy
· Acts as anti inflammatory and anti histaminic agent
· Alleviates Pain
· Has antibacterial properties that can protect against digestive and heart damage
· Promote General Health

Noni Juice has been used internationally to:
Assist with stomach ulcers, PMS, menstrual cramps, chronic fatigue syndrome, AIDS, skin disorders, senility, indigestion, asthma, depression, diabetes, enlarged prostate, strokes, etc.

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Noni Juice Testimonials

Noni Juice Reviews:

Yes you can use my name for a testimony, people really don't believe that this can change your health, especially English doctors, who would much prefer you to take inhalers for the rest of your life and worry about any problems that these may cause later. The only thing I know is that it didn't work instantly it did take about three months before I realised that I could stop using my inhaler altogether. The last prescription I had from my doctor was because I wanted to take an inhaler away with me to New Zealand (just in case) I did have an inhaler but it had passed it's use by date. I am now telling my friends about your product and your web site.
Jean Manning, UK

This is for my sister in Germany. She has fibromyalgia. muscle and joint pain for a year now. I told her about this product and she tried it. It takes away her pain completely. I got my mother in law in florida to order it. She has cancer on her face. i know some one else who has m.s. in 2 months from being diagnosed, he had to quit work and was in a wheelchair. He takes it. And is out of the wheelchair and back at work.... AMAZING.

I certainly think Noni Juice juice is a wonderful product. The other day I was feeling really exhausted having had red wine and too much mousse for dessert. I took a dose of Noni Juice and immediately felt my normal energy return. It saved an hour of being slumped in a chair sleeping or being unconscious one way or another! Hope to come to NZ one day and visit your farm.
Patsy Marshall, USA

Dear Sirs, we would like to send to you a lot of thanks from our patients who tested your new product Noni Juice.
Some of our women patients mentioned that after the regular use of Noni Juice they have no problem with menstrual pain and vegetative highly emotional disorder.
In some cases theses hard days are gone in some cases it is much more easier. It is also better feeling when using oral contraceptives.
Thank you in advance,
Doctor Katerina V. Kulikova , Russia

Ich bin von der heilsamen Wirkung von Noni Juice ?berzeugt und habe gerade eben zum 2. Mal eine Bestellung bei Ihrer Firma aufgegeben. Ich habe gro?es Vertrauen zu Ihnen. Die zuverl?ssige und rasche Abwicklung meiner ersten Bestellung hat mich sehr ?berzeugt.
No Name. Germany

I was impressed with the site. I was introduced to this product by another auto-immune sufferer. She had been using the liquid for three weeks and stated that she felt much better. Sadie, no country

I used Noni Juice for getting rid of my nicotine addiction and it was so easy, the first 2 days when the toxins were being released was the worst, after that I hardly felt any cravings for tobacco.
Leif Larson, Sweden

Take Noni Juice Juice for over 1 year now and works fine for me. Lost 24 pounds in the first 8 month. It takes about 1 month before I felt any changes. Like this company here due to the price and the free delivery.
Maria Rudger, USA

*The testimonials shown above are based on actual letters we received from our many satisfied customers that read this page of review and bought Noni Juice!

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