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MD Healthline provides adherents and practitioners of alternative medicine a product line of high quality herbs and vitamins. The unique proprietary MD Healthline formulations are based on clinical and scientific studies. Natural treatments address erectile dysfunction, insomnia, stress, arthritis, athletic performance, cholesterol, osteoporosis, baldness, enlarged prostates, PMS, menopause, immune disorders, intestinal cleansing, fatigue, obesity, premature ejaculation, diminished libido, memory, moods swings, and aging.
MD Healthline also offer an herb plant guide with over a 1000 known and cataloged herbs from around the world, and explains how medicinal plants produce and release a variety of chemical substances that act upon the body, like HGH growth hormone which helps slow down the aging process. MD Healthline are dedicated to providing you a resource that will help you become a responsible and informed to better self-care with medicinal plants and information about the health benefits and safety of medicinal herbs. MD Healthline have also extensively researched botanical resources including; Botanicals, American Indian herbs, Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, African herbs, South American herbs, and the healing properties of herbs.

MD Healthline Guarantee to You

MD Healthline is a name you can count on.

MD Healthline strives to provide the very best products and customer service. There is nothing more important to them than satisfying their customers. If you order a product and it arrives damaged or defective, MD Healthline will get another one out to you right away, no questions asked. If you find you are not satisfied with a product, for any reason, return all or part of it to them at the address below within 30 days for a refund, exchange or credit. A modest 15% handling charge along with shipping charges will be deducted from refunds only.

Every item MD Healthline sell reflects their commitment to give you the best quality, service and value. MD Healthline stand behind their 100% satisfaction guarantee, one hundred percent!

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Delivery Locations

WorldWide shipping.


Priority Mail(USA - 3 to 5 days) $6.00
Express Mail (USA - 1 to 2 days) $20.00
Global Priority (Outside USA - 7 to 10 days) $15.00
Express Mail (Canada & Mexico - 2 to 4 days) $25.00
Express Mail ( All other countries -2 to 4 days) $36.00

MD Healthline Contact Information

Postal Mail:
MD Healthline
205 East Osborn Road
Phoenix, Arizona 85012
Email: [email protected]
Toll Free: 1-888-222-0387
International: 1-602-294-9222

MD Healthline Payment Methods

MD Healthline accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, And Discover Cards.

MD Healthline Testimonials

Excellent product, by the way - we love it, and we like doing business with you guys - reliable and prompt. Thanks again,

I have tried several other brands of sexual formulas and X-treme V is by far the best. It has saved our marriage of 46 years. My wife and I feel young again.
Thanks MD Healthline!
Marvin and MaryAnne D.

"I am very happy with the results I received from the Extra Strength X-treme V. I want to mention that after about 30 minutes I could feel my sex drive increase and had an abundance of energy. My erection was firmer and I finally didn't have to worry about being able to perform."
Thanks from a very happy customer.
J. L. from Canada

I feel more energetic and confident in my relationships. I am 72 years old and work as a dance instructor on a cruise ship. X-treme V has made a real difference.
Albert V.
Miami, Florida

Supreme Sleep Testimonials
"A quick note to thank you for the wonderful product you sell called Supreme Sleep. A good friend of mine knew that I have had trouble sleeping and that I have tried all of the over the counter sleeping pills and found them to be of little or no help as well as the fact that I went to see my MD and was given prescriptions for many drugs including, Valume, Xanax, Serax, Ativan, Chloral Hydrate to name a few. None of the prescription drugs were what I really needed. What I needed was something that would help me get to sleep and stay asleep for a good solid 8 hrs. The prescription medications all had side effectws that were bothersome. Fortunately a really good friend of mine gave me a 30 day supply of your Supreme Sleep formula. It is wonderful. I take it about 45 min to an hr before I go to bed and I am able to get to sleep and stay asleep for a good solid 8 hrs. I wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day. Supreme Sleep is the most wonderful Christmas Gift I could have ever hoped for.
Thank you so much for having such a wonderful product available to people like me and so many others who need a good nights sleep."
Kudos to you!!!
Warmest Regards,

I have a high pressure job and find it difficult to wind down at night. I have tried a lot of prescription sleeping pills, but they leave me feeling groggy in the morning. The Supreme Sleep formula is just what I have been looking for. I can fall asleep and wake up feeling refreshed. Count on me being a regular customer. I also appreciate your quick delivery.
Emilio A.

I am an attorney in Singapore, and my work requires substantial travel. Oftentimes I must quickly adapt to varying time zones. Your Supreme Sleep has most definitely facilitated the adjustments that my work schedule requires. Is it possible to ship my next order to London, as I will be there next week?
Stan L.

Super Herbal V Testimonials
Please sign me up for your preferred customer program. I would like to receive a bottle of Super Herbal V every month and save 20%. I have been taking Super Herbal V for the past three months, and it has really made a remarkable difference in the way I feel. I am more energized and definitely have more stamina.
Ralph F.
Los Angeles, California

Extra Strength X-treme V Testimonials
I have tried your product and it really works.
Chuck R.
Detroit, Michigan

Viagra seems to upset my stomach and sometimes causes a stuffy nose. I have not had any adverse effects from your product. It is very effective.
Frank L.
Santa Barbara, California

Extra Strength X-treme V has made a real difference. My wife passed away several years ago. I am 78 years old and recently became romantically involved with a widow. I was not sure if I was capable, however, your fine product gave me the confidence I needed. We are planning on getting married soon. Thank you. Anonymous.


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