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Leading Edge Cash

Now Called SellHealth

$100 Webmaster Signing Bonus !
That’s right, just sign up right now and you’ll be eligible for their $100 Webmaster Signing Bonus. To collect the bonus, simply send 5 sales within 60 days of signing up, and they'll automatically add $100 to your account.

Earn More Money
Make up to 50% commissions on all Level 1 sales, and up to $170 flat on ProExtender and $185 on ProExtender System sales. Most customers buy multiple bottles/kits of their products and that translates into huge commissions for you!

Credit On Mail, Fax and Phone Orders
Your mail and fax orders are entered by their highly trained customer service staff to ensure that you always get credit for your orders. When a customer orders by phone, the first thing they are asked for is their “Promotional Code”, so you get credit for the sale. their call center staff are trained to maximize every sale by getting the customer to make the largest orders possible and upselling additional items.

Credit On All Upsells And Exits
By “upselling” a second related product to the customer at the point of sale, Leading Edge Cash home business ensures that you will maximize your commissions on every order. Leading Edge Cash also track all exits from your traffic using your code. So if your customer leaves the original site you referred them to, but clicks on their exit console and buys another product, you still get credit! This even works for affiliate signups off of their product sites.

Each new affiliate that signs up will start at the base level of 30% commissions. Commission increases are based on performance (number of sales generated). As your sales grow so will your income.
5% of your recruits' commissions. Get paid 5% of the total sale price on every commission earned by webmasters you've directly recruited! You actually get paid over and over for just getting that webmaster signed up! When a new webmaster clicks your link and becomes an affiliate and starts to send traffic, you will get paid 5% of the total sale price on every commission they make! AMAZING cash generation!

Best of all… You'll be delighted to know that 80% of the orders Leading Edge Cash receive are for multiple bottles -- so your commissions add up very fast! And because your customers are yours, you will also receive credit for any repeat sales from their web site, even if they don't come through your site first on repeat orders!

Our Verdict: It's a 5/5 Stars affiliate program ! Take our word for it !

Leading Edge Cash Delivery Locations

Leading Edge Cash Ship all of their products WorldWide.

Leading Edge Cash Payment Methods (For Affiliates)

No matter where you are, Leading Edge Cash will get you your money!
All webmasters are paid on the 10th of the month for the previous month's sales. For example, all commissions earned during the month of June would be paid out on July 10th.
Leading Edge Cash have multiple ways for you to collect your money:

Epassporte! Our Favorite!
Standard Check in them Funds
Money Bookers
Wire - minimum $500 earnings and $30 fee for wires under $1000.00
FedEx - $20 fee - free if over $1000.00
If you choose to receive a check, it will be drawn on a USA bank paid from "LEADING EDGE MARKETING INC."
All payment options are available to select from upon time of sign up.

Leading Edge Cash Testimonials

"Talk about reliability and consistency! I have been with LEC going on three years now and have never had to email them about money being owed, or sales not being credited. I love the fact that they have the instant online chat and you can get hold of Bruce or Mike at just about any time and they sort you out right away!
LEC has been giving me consistent sales over the years and I have come to depend heavily on my wire transfer from them every month. And then it pays to be with a company that is so reliable, no missed payments (in fact I often get my money before the 10th of every month). Trust me, I have been an affiliate for a number of years with several programs and you will search far and wide to find a program that is as reliable as LEC. They are constantly evolving and improving and this makes them even better in my eyes. I am grateful to have guys like Mike and Bruce on my team!"
— Stephen, Petoria, South Africa

"After 5 years with LEC I can't fault them. Their checks come like clockwork and they always respond quickly to any enquiries. Definitely a professional outfit."
— Will, St. Kilda, Australia

"For anyone seriously interested in making money from affiliate marketing on the internet, Leading Edge Cash should be one of the top choices. I have been working with various affiliate programs for the last 3 years. My personal experience has been that LEC is among the very best. I have found that, with LEC, the “sales to clicks” conversion ratios are amongst the best in this industry, commissions are always paid exactly on time, affiliate support and promptness in responding to queries are superb. LEC actively helps their affiliates to earn more money from their efforts. This is a stable, reliable and honest company and working with them as an affiliate is indeed rewarding."
— Gautam, Porvorim, India

"I have been an affiliate of Leading Edge Cash for over two years now. LEC is the best affiliate program I've ever been in. Support is fast and friendly and they always pay on time. The products they offer convert well and offer high pay outs. The success I've had with LEC has allowed me to quit my day job and work from home on the Internet for the past year and a half. I highly recommend Leading Edge Cash to anyone interested in affiliate marketing."
— Brad, Channahon, IL, USA

"I have opportunities to work with many partners in pharmacy industry. For nearly one and a half year of partnership with LEC, I can say that LEC proves to be one of the most reliable partners I have opportunity to work with. LEC always sends me payout checks in a timely manner. I cannot recall any instance that LEC payout checks reach my address late. In fact, I always received my checks from LEC the earliest.
In addition, I believe LEC's tracking system is one of the best in the industry. The affiliate stat area has a very nice and informative layout. I never experienced any circumstances in which its tracking system is crash or down.
Relating to LEC affiliate support, I would like to express my special thanks to Bruce. As an affiliate manager, Bruce is always there to help me with anything questions that I have. I remember one time, Bruce sent me an e-mail pointing out the ways I could increase my commission amount. His insightful advice for me proved that he understands my website very well. I really appreciate that.
In summary, LEC is one of my most important partners (in terms of commission amount) and it has been a great pleasure for me to work with LEC so far. I definitely would like to work with LEC in the years to come."
— Chien, Hanoi, Vietnam

"I've been a full-time Affiliate Marketer for 5 years and belong to dozens of affiliate programs but Leading Edge Cash beats all the others hands down. The combination of a large range of in-demand products, huge commissions, comprehensive stats, and helpful affiliate managers is an unbeatable formula for success. Affiliate programs don't get any better than LEC!"
— Robert, Adelaide, Australia

*The testimonials shown above are based on actual letters we received from our many satisfied affiliates that read this page and registered to Leading Edge Cash Affiliate Program!

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