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Healthy Pores

Don't wait, when you can have a more beautiful complexion in just a couple of weeks.

We've heard from so many acne sufferers who all tell them the same things:
You hate looking in the mirror
You are embarrassed, frustrated and angry
You feel like you don't look good no matter how hard you try
You wonder if people think you have a poor diet or poor hygienic habits
You want to hide your face

Acne affects every part of your life when you get a moderate or severe outbreak. But you don't have to continue living this way . . . You can stop acne!

Get the clean and clear complexion you've always wanted!
Your skin is made up of two layers. The outer layer is called the epidermis and its surface layer is made up of dead cells that form a protective shield for the body. The dermis lies under the epidermis and is the living layer, which needs to be properly nourished in order to provide fast, strong new skin.

A healthy skin with a clear complexion means that these dead cells are shed continuously and replaced by fresh new cells.
But when youíre prone to acne, your natural exfoliation is not efficient at ridding the dead skin cells and eventually your pores get clogged up.

The Healthy Pores skin care solution attacks acne where it begins by including a facial wash with key ingredients that thoroughly cleanses but also exfoliates dead skin cells and re-opens clogged pores!

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Healthy Pores Testimonials

Healthy Pores Reviews :

"When I first got your kit, I thought it was a lot of work because of having to use the cleanser and the cream twice a day, and then remembering to take the capsule too. There didn't seem to be much difference at first and the outbreaks were still as bad as ever. But then I started noticing a difference after about the first month and a half. It's been 2 and a half months now and I am getting way fewer zits and they are getting smaller and more spread out."
Allison B. 14 years old
Boise, Idaho

A Young Woman shares her story . . .
"Hi Healthy Pores: I have had acne for over ten years. Sometimes the outbreaks are moderate but sometimes theyíre more severe. The doctor gave me a prescription medication a few years ago and I used it, but I couldnít stand the way it made my skin smell and I stopped using it! Mostly I tried different things from the drugstore but none of them seemed to work very well. After my sister told us she was getting married and asked me to be her bridesmaid, I was DETERMINED that my skin would look good for the wedding! I really needed to find something that would WORK and I found out about the Healthy Pores treatment cream system through the Internet. When I started reading the information, it sounded like exactly what I go through and I thought THIS IS FOR ME! I ordered it and it took a few days to arrive. Itís now been 3 months since I started using it and the difference is really amazing. I canít remember my skin ever looking this good! I still get some zits, but theyíre small, they donít hurt and they go away in a day or two. Itís nothing like what it used to be and I think itís still getting better. My sisterís wedding is 7 weeks away now and Iím really happy about my decision to go with your products."
Melinda M. 23 years old
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

A Mother talks about her Daughterís Experience . . .
"To Healthy Pores: I wanted to write and tell you about my daughterís experience with your product. When she was twelve, she began having skin problems and it started getting really bad when she was fourteen. She would have such bad outbreaks that her skin looked red and sore all the time. It affected her personality and just about everything else in her life - the way she dressed, the way she wore her hair and even whether or not she went out with friends. Our doctor prescribed a medication and after taking it for a few months, we started to notice an improvement on her face. But not very long after that, her moods also started to change. At first, we thought it was just normal teenage stuff, but she was having trouble sleeping, her grades started to fall and she just seemed to have no energy any time. In fact, we found out that depression was a side effect with this acne medication and we had her stop taking it. Of course the acne returned and she was pretty upset about that, but she was no longer depressed either. I was desperate to help her and it was through a website that I found out about Healthy Pores. I liked the fact that it offered a complete solution for all the causes of acne, but I particularly liked the fact that the nutritional capsule was made up of all natural ingredients, and that it was safe with NO SIDE EFFECTS. After our experience with the depression, this was something I was and remain really conscious of. It has been almost one year since "we" started using Healthy Pores. Iím not sure I can explain the difference in my daughter to you. Her face started clearing up after the first few months and by the end of 6 months, she hardly ever experienced outbreaks anymore. Her skin just looks fresh and healthy now Ė a normal teenagerís skin. She is a different person as well Ė as her skin cleared up, she became more outgoing and more involved in everything around her. In successfully treating my daughterís acne, it has really changed her life. I am writing this to thank you and you may use this letter as a testimonial for the Healthy Pores System."
Karen H.
London, UK

Adults get Acne too . . .
"Dear Healthy Pores: I have had acne ever since I was a teenager. Whenever I was stressed out, or got my period, a breakout would follow. It wouldnít just be a few little bumps either, but clusters of pimples and some of them would be filled with pus. I have tried almost every acne treatment on the market. This includes the cleansers, pads, creams, lotions, etc. You name it, Iíve tried it. The results of a lot of them were that the zits would dry up, but so would my skin. It got so dry from using these products that it actually felt rough Ė it was always itchy and when I scratched, it was so bad that I felt like I was actually scratching off flakes of dried skin! So eventually I just stopped using everything. A co-worker who knew about your products referred me to your website. I was impressed that it was a complete treatment process and that the products are formulated so as not to dry out your skin. With the money back guarantee you were offering, I decided to give it a try. Itís been more than 3 months now and I am pleased with the results. The outbreaks are still occurring, but they are getting milder and donít happen as frequently. And my skin has not become dried out either! Thank You!"
Joanne L. 34 years old
Coquitlam, B.C, Canada

A 16 year-old Teen endorses Healthy Pores Acne System . . .
" . . . itís been 4 months now since I have been using your system and I see patches of clear skin for the first time in two years. I definitely will continue to use this and recommend it for anyone else who gets outbreaks."
Trisha C. 16 years old
Sacramento, CA

Teen Son refused to go see the Doctor . . .
"Hi. I would like to say thanks for making such great products. My 15 year old son was really prone to acne, a condition which he inherited from his father. Although the acne was bad, and I know painful for him as well, he would not go see the doctor. Finally, I ordered the Healthy Pores System from the Internet when I read about how it could help. I had to really convince him to try it when it arrived, but he agreed and now he is really happy he did. We have just re-ordered for the third time and you can hardly notice any more skin problems with my son. So THANK YOU."
Mrs. Lori K.
Denver, Colorado

Husband had acne because of his work environment . . .
"Dear Healthy Pores: My husband has been using your products for the past year and I wanted to write and let you know about his experience. He works in a manufacturing plant with a lot of grease and chemicals in the air. He and a lot of his co-workers developed skin problems on their faces and backs and chests because of the environment they work in and the masks and clothing they wear. We were doing some searches on the internet one night when we saw Healthy Pores Acne System and decided to give it a try. Since then, my husbandís skin problems have cleared right up and he only gets the occasional pimple or two now if he gets particularly dirty or sweaty during his shifts. So weíve told a lot of his co-workers about Healthy Pores and some of them are using your products too!"
Kelly R. 29 years old
Fresno, CA

*The testimonials shown above are based on actual letters we received from our many satisfied customers that read this page and bought Healthy Pores Skin Care System!

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