GlavMed Affiliate Program Review


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GlavMed affiliate program Review + GlavMed Invitation codes ( To get your GlavMed Invitation code email me here )

GlavMed is a BEST way to convert your pharmacy traffic into real money. Forget about miserable sums you're getting sending your visitors to PPC pharmacy results.

You're loosing at least half of YOUR money converting traffic like this. GlavMed offers you a possibility to eliminate any agents and sell most popular pharmacy products directly. It means 30-40% revenue share. Earn up to $250 per order!!!

How GlavMed works

GlavMed is a pharmacy affiliate program which pays commission on each sale made in any of their online drug stores. If you have a web site, you can join GlavMed Affiliate Program and earn money by promoting their stores from your site.

Every time you send them customers from your site, you earn up to 40% commission on each sale. GlavMed take care of their entire shopping experience: fulfillment, customer service, and shipping, and GlavMed track the sales generated from your site.

All you have to do is decide how you want to link to GlavMed's Sites. You can use any kind of promotion (except spam) for sending visitors to them: banners, direct links, flash presentations, articles and reviews, SEO links, rich media.

GlavMed values its affiliates as gold and offers wide variety of tools to increase affiliates earnings. Affiliate is able to check statistics in real-time, get detailed information for every visitor from his site, get highest industry commission (30-40%) and receive his payment securely and on time. Besides it GlavMed Team is always thinking about conversion ratio and doing the best sites for pharmacy traffic you ever seen.

Don't waste your time anymore. Earn money helping people.

We have checked for quality and service and they got 5 stars out of 5 !
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Before you send me an email please try one of the following invitation codes : 1. IDP0BTW 2. CC494SIM8 3. XE3RAM1 4. 67EFS201V 5. 8OPL2CBJ 6. 5U0T1J61 7. I8H4FH8QH 8. 9HJPTT8 9. AX3UY93N 10. 4P6IAMCM

GlavMed Delivery Locations

GlavMed ship their products worldwide .

GlavMed Contact Information

Through GlavMed website or
by E-Mail:
ICQ: 397061228

GlavMed Payment Methods to affiliates

GlavMed pays with Epassporte ! WebMoney, FetHard, PayPal or Wire Transfer .

To get your GlavMed Invitation code email me here

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