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GenBucks Review

GenBucks is 100% FREE to Join + you will get epassporte card.
GenBucks is the worlds leading affiliate program carrying products across many categories like Herbals, Supplements, Electronics, Men's Health Products and Bed & Bath.

GenBucks program was great but unfortunately they discontinued the program. Our top selection is (the links will open in a new window) SellHealth and MoreNiche programs - They have everything they had and much more !

Your visitors will love the opportunity to order from the ease of their homes, and save upto 70% over retail prices, whatsmore, more than 50% of them come back to re-order and you still get the credit through their unique lifetime cookie tracker.
From Adult Webmasters to portal owners to bloggers, GenBucks is the best place to send your traffic to, with average conversions af 1:47,lots of products, tons of sites and templates, weekly payouts with no holdback, and free hosting it cant get better than this!

GenBucks highlights:
» Private label your own bottles!
Yes its true! and another affiliate first! Any affiliate selling over 100 bottles per day of the same brand, can private label their own bottles for free.
» Private label your own websites!

GenBucks provide over 100 site templates, selling everything from Penis enlargement pills to satin sheets, dildos and mp3 players! You can simply plug these into your existing site, or make a new site. No HTML or coding experience is required. And set up is only 1 minute!

Huge Payouts:
» 50% commission on selected products/promos plus shipping price, including Maxodent!
» 40% commission on Herbals, Sex Toys, lubes, Penis Extender and Supplements including shipping price.
» 30% commission On Soft-V and selected herbals.
» 20% commission on Electronics, Bed&Bath range including shipping price.
» Earn referral commissions, 3 levels deep.

Which essentially means that not only do you make 20-50% of the total order value, including shipping, plus all that customers future purchases but you also make 10% of any referral earnings, from advertisers who have joined under you and also 30% of any referral earnings from advertisers who join under them! Because GenBucks pay commissions on referrals 3 levels deep!

What Else?
» Payday weekly or Pay-On-Demand™.
» No Holdbacks, No refunds.
» 24x7 International toll free tech and sales support using their innovative Affiliate-Connect™ services.
» free domains, free hosting, tons of banners, 100's of sites, lots of tools, counters, toplist, forum, blog, tgp templates.
» Free ATM card. Forget about cashing checks, or having to go to the bank. GenBucks will set up you an account and send you an ATM card for free! You can get your pay from any ATM around the globe

So come join the party and experience the GenBucks Advantage!

We have checked for quality and service and they got 5 stars out of 5 !

GenBucks Delivery Locations

Do you ship world wide?
The merchants using GenBucks services decide the locations to which they deliver. GenBucks are an affiliate management company and hence you would need to directly ask the concerned merchant about the shipping details
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GenBucks Payment to affiliate Methods and minimum

Wire or Epassporte. Payments are made once a week!

GenBucks Testimonials

GenBucks Reviews:

Takoua "Since going live with GenBucks 4 months ago I have been amazed with the results! I wasn't sure what to expect but wasn't expecting sales from the very start. I made my 1st sale 2 weeks after joining this wonderful program and now I'am making thousands dollars..."

I was paid each and everytime on time with GenBucks via ePassporte. I cant say that for any other sponsor.

Have experience with other affiliate programs and can truely say that GenBucks is the best of them. There are a great support and they listen to their affiliates, support partners every time and give us all material what we need to promote their products include free hosting and templates. My first year in the GenBucks family brought me each time my weekly payout and never was one cent missing. With the free VISA card what they offer for their affiliate can I pay with my (Gen) Bucks in each country.

First,GenBucks is a honest affiliate program coz it never owes affiliates money. Second, GenBucks is trying to make affiliate know how to make money with nice marketing tips. Third, GenBucks is strictly abided by the laws (pharmaceutics) of each countries which makes us sell drug legally.

Yes, forget about having to go to the bank to cash checks. We will send you an ATM card, so you can get your money straight from over 1 zillion ATM machines around the globe! Or if you prefer can wire or fund your stormpay, for free of charge.

Sanel Delic
GenBucks is one of the few affiliate programs that pay commissions properly and This is the best converting, highest paying program that I am affiliated with. They know what it takes to keep the affiliates interested in promoting their site, instant payments of commissions earned. Thats the bottom-line!

It's hard to find an affiliate program that always pays on time, has excellent affiliates support and has products that sells. GenBucks has all those three extremely important components. It was really my happy day when I found GenBucks, and decided to join.

In these times the life is not easy, all we looked for more respect, more money, more popularity, more sex, more time. Exists a place where everything is joined ?. I do not know, I work now in GenBucks I have money and popularity, so meaby with time I will have sex GenBucks! Respect: increase your size perminantly. Whether, you have 1 inch or 8 inches Money: Earn a massive 40% of the total order, Popularity: Your visitors save upto 70%, Time: Last-Longer. You'll last 5 to 10 minutes longer, Sex: Enhancing the sexlife of men in over 150 countries.

GenBucks is more than just your average affiliate program. Being an affiliate of GenBucks opens up an entire online community willing to help you succeed with your online marketing efforts. From the excellent staff support to asssistance from your fellow webmasters in the lively forum, plus the massive 40% commission on sales paid like clockwork weekly, makes GenBucks "the" affiliate program of the future.

GenBucks is absolutly great affiliate platform to start online marketing. It provides products that sells on internet with huge conversion rate.Payments on time via epassporte,good tracking of customers and products,ships products in time.I like to tell you that GenBucks creates a solid platform for any products that sell on internet.

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