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Female RX Oil

Female RX Oil Review

The advanced personal lubricant that does much more than just lube!
Sure, Female RX Oil is slippery, smooth and superwet in all your adventurous circumstances. But itís what it does for you inside that really turns up the heat!

Female RX Oil has the latest in transdermal formulations Ė so it works on contact, right through the skin. Itís been uniquely formulated with a variety of natural herbal remedies, vitamins, amino acids and flavoring to create an incredibly effective and powerful stimulant + lubricant. Itís sexually supercharged with L-Argynine, an amino acid which converts to nitric oxide Ė a sexual booster that is a fundamental building block to the cycle of orgasm in women. Itís like a turbo-charger for your climax Ė amazing!

Another powerful ingredient is menthol, a warming ingredient that allows the amino acid (which is a relatively large molecule and not normally readily absorbed through the skin) to be absorbed transdermally when applied to the skin. The result: Instant, effective increase in sexual response and sensitivity on contact.

All of this is to say that Female RX Oil - Female Sex Oil is a very sophisticated personal lubricant. Unlike other oils that are sticky or greasy, Female RX Oil is formulated to be slippery and smooth when applied - and to stay slippery, smooth and wet during use. Female RX Oil is water-based, so itís completely compatible with latex and other condoms. The water-base also dries naturally after use leaving no sticky residue or uncomfortable feeling attributed to other lubricant products.

Completely safe for oral play, too! All the components in Female RX Oil are hypo-allergenic and 100% USP approved for food use Ė and their formula tastes much better than the majority of competitive products on the market.

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Female RX Oil Testimonials

Female RX Oil Reviews :

After just one use of Female Rx, I am very happy! Other lubes are fine, if all you want is to just oil things up. Female RX Oil is different, really added to arousal with a nice warming sensation, then just seemed to cause this build-build-build increase of more and more excitement, all the way to climax. I advise all women to give this a try.
--Allison Schumer, Cedar Rapids, IA

This is a little something I did for myself that made a HUGE improvement to our sex life. I am so much more into it now, mainly 'cuz I know I'm going to cum! Works every time.
--Risa Linneman, Syosset, NY

Pretty darn nice! I'll never go back to non-Female-RX sex again!
--Kayla Kunkel, San Diego, CA

From one of your very straight-laced, conservative customers, may I just say you have brought out the wild woman in me! Believe me, I never thought I would consider ANY sort of sexual aid or departure from the ordinary. My husband bought Female RX Oil for me and convinced me to try it, and he is incredibly happy to see how right he was to push the limits with me a little. We love it! I have a feeling this has opened a whole new category of experiences for us.
--Natalie Upshaw, College Park, GA

I'm a naturopath who regularly does consultations with women who have either lost their sex drive or never had much of one. Many of them have never had an orgasm, either. I have recommended many herbal remedies over the years, but now I always supplement that advice with a bottle of Female RX Oil. I tell them that if they only do ONE thing for their sex life, it should be Female RX Oil. The feedback has been great. I would like to order another case of this product for my practice.
--Mikki Mihalyi, Reno, NV

I love the small, portable bottle because I can secretly take it with me everywhere. Never know when you'll get a chance for either solo or partner action. A little goes a long way!
--GG, Van Nuys, CA

My girlfriend and I love this stuff.
--Melissa Brewster, Austin, TX

*The testimonials shown above are based on actual letters we received from our many satisfied customers that read this page of review and bought Female RX Oil!

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