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Extagen Review

"... I Gained just under 4 inches in length (for an overall total of 9Ĺ inches!) and doubled my thickness! It got so big my wife wasnít sure if it would fit. Iím more than satisfied with my results!"
C.M. Florida

Itís amazingÖ Men from around the world are making dreams come true. Women across the globe are sending in letters of thanks after being satisfied by their men. Enjoy the look on her face when you please her like no one else ever has.

Does Extagen Work?
Extagen Male Enhancement Tablets work or you get your money back. Itís that simple. If you are not completely satisfied after taking Extagen for up to 120 Days Extagen will refund 100% of your money.
If Extagen didnít work they would lose money with an offer like that. You can try Extagen today and experience the results for yourself.

Extagen Tablets are a specially formulated blend of high quality all natural herbs that are manufactured in a world class FDA approved facility. At first, people were skeptical. Now the craze is sweeping across the globe and people from all over the world are enjoying the results they've achieved from taking Extagen Tablets.

When I first told my girlfriend about this idea she didn't say much about it. So, I decided to take the tablets without telling her. After 2 weeks I could tell that it was starting to workÖ By the time I finished my supply of Extagen Tablets she had told me that I was the most amazing lover she has ever had. She began to explain... "I never wanted to say anything before, but the size of your penis was pretty average. Especially compared to my ex-lovers 8" penis. Now, I can't put into words how you make me feel."

Extagen is made from the highest quality herbs and phytonutrients that when combined to exacting tolerances help to increase the natural blood flow to the erectile chambers of your penis. The increased amount of blood flow during arousal causes your erectile chambers to expand therefore producing a larger and thicker feeling erection !

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Extagen Testimonials

Extagen Reviews :

4 inches longer. hell of a lot thicker...not a virgin ANYMORE:-)
L.A. United Kingdom

i've only used it for almost 3 weeks now and already have an increase of 1/2 an inch and rock hard erections, i cant wait for 3 months!
MD, Houston

I have only been taking the pills for about a week now and have already noticed an increased sex drive. I hope they will increase my size over time to.
RR - Texas

my boyfriend recently started taking these pills, at first we thought that it wouldn't really work, so just out of curiosity we tried them. THEY DO WORK! .. it hurts me. so yes, they do work. and I suppose that to a certain degree size does matter, however none really needs a 10 inch penis.

My friend recommended trying these and gave me a bottle to give it a try. I thought he was basing me and just gave them to me cause they didn't work. Wow was I wrong. After just a couple days I started getting unbelievable morning wood and super hard erections. After a week I was a good 1/2" longer at about 8.25"s. Now after 3 weeks almost 1 1/2" at 9+"s and much thicker. My gf has noticed the change(it's hard not too!) and wants it all the time now. A total A+++ product .
SM - Cleveland

My extagen results, After only 2 weeks, my penis has grown an inch in length and is definitely thicker AND harder...there is no doubt about it!!! I was SO skeptical, (to the point that I actually thought I fell for a stupid internet scam) but I must tell you that your product has simply made my life better...thank you!!!
SL - Georgia

Last week my friend gave me some vig rx pills. I took them and noticed my stamina was higher and increased erections but not much else. I just got my Extagen pills today that I ordered. I took 2 as directed by the letter and didn't smoke or anything and after about an hour I had the hardest erection I've had. I couldn't wait till my girl got back so I had to service myself but I noticed that it took a lot longer and my erection felt bigger and it took me longer to get my rocks off, I got a good feeling these are the right pills for any1. Take my advice and try these pills!

Been 3 weeks and my girl hadn't seen me in a while. she went to give me some head and had to ask if it was bigger. she had to open her mouth wider than normal. her jaws got tired quicker. and when we fu***d she let out some of the biggest moans and had a real hard orgasm. this stuff works! right on dudes.
rm - va

I took the pills for about 13 weeks and my penis grew over 4 inches. I was 6 3/4 inches when I started and now I am basically 11 inches. Girls just look in amazement and they now recommend me to their friends.
Roxbury - Massachusetts

I was only 5.25 inches before I started using the Extagen pills and in a short month I had gained an inch. I am pleased with the results and my girlfriend is too. I plan on ordering more to see if I can please my G/F some more:)

After using Extagen for maybe almost 4 weeks now I've noticed a big difference this stuff works.
JC.Queens - NY

I started with vig-rx and I didn't receive any results so I decided to try Extagen and after the third week I started to see results my erections started to become larger and rock hard. I cant wait until weeks 4 and 5.

J3 labs provides the best customer care I have ever experienced from any company out there. Keep up the great work.

The first week I started taking Extagen I asked my doctor his opinion. They are only money scam programs selling fake dreams. Now only3 weeks I've gone from just under 5 1/2" - 7". Thank you!!
If you want to use this that's great, if not that's ok too. But it is true! I just can't believe this stuff is for real.

Hi Everybody! I'm from Mexico. I buy Magna-RX+ at a local store here, and I started taking the pills for about 2 months, but I didn't see any change, only a rock hard erections, but no increase in girth or length. Then I heard about Extagen was working, but I can't find in Mexico a dealer of this pills, so, I ordered 4 bottle of Extagen from a US ebay dealer, and they shipping to me with no problem. The 4 bottle are for a six month cycle. I'm in the third month (taking the pills, two daily) and my penis growth from 5 inches to 7 1/2 full inches, and the girth is more thick like never before! and still have about 2 bottle left. Thank Good for Extagen Tablets. Try out, they really work!
HC - Mexico

wow!!! was I amazed at the size of my cock after taking this pill for 3 months I went from a pity 3 inches to a whooping 5 1/2. this pill really does work. my girlfriend is trill to see it now. were actually having sex more often. this pills a life saver. im going to continue using this pill to I reach my goal of 8 inches.
CO - Carson

I never really had a small penis, but like every other guy I know I wanted to be bigger. Be as big as I could be. Extagen helped me do that. And my wife loves it. Before I tried this product I measured 6 inches in girth and 10 inches in length (top side measurement). After being married for two years our sex life had dropped off till if was almost non-existent. I felt it was time for a change, and looked into enlarging my penis. And I'm happy to tell you that Extagen works, man does it work. I'm a week shy of my 6 week supply and I've seen dramatic results. At five weeks in, I know measure 7.25 inches in girth and 13.25 inches in length. I'm hoping to reach 14 inches by the end. My wife loves it and I love it. I love the new me. I would encourage anyone to give this product a try. It works!

I've been pretty happy with my size (jeez, it works for me...). But on a whim I thought I'd try Extagen. I figured the acid test would be me not telling my wife I'm doing this and see if SHE notices anything. (she's not that observant...) I've been on the product for 4 weeks and been noticing some enlargement. But the proof to success was when my wife said "You've NEVER been this happy to see me naked before. What did I do to make you so excited?" I wasn't splitting her in half, but I was hitting things inside her that I was only nicking before. Thanx.... It didn't change much as far as sensation go for me, but now I'm making love 5 times a week instead of the once I was used to. And I'm no longer the "instigator" of it! BTW: did I say I have bags under my eyes from lack of sleep, but no one notices because of my huge smile????? Rick...
DC - Marshalltown - Iowa

I took it for 2 months and it gave me 2" more to my penis!
M.B. - NE

Since I was young I didn't have the biggest of cocks, however was fully involved in sexual intercourse. I was 18 with a 6 1/2'' penis, and still am after 6 years. I took Extagen, and after a few months my dick rose to 9 3/4''!! with a stiffy so hard and thick for the ladies. im getting blown so good, and am treating sex like a daily sport.
J. K. - London

I've been on your product about a month or so. It hasn't made me any longer, but I have notice a increase in thickness. What is even better is my staying power. I used to pop pretty quick, but now I last for hours. Last night I got my girlfriend off so much she lost count. If I can do that now, I can't wait until I finish the program. She'll never want to leave my bed. Thank you for a great product.
M. P. - Old Bridge - New Jersey

Hi, I've been taking Extagen for about one month, and so far I've g ained a half-inch in length and a quarter inch in girth. I'm pretty happy so far, but I'm shooting for a couple more inches. I want to get to around 8 inches in length and 6 inches in girth. Thank you Extagen for this great product, I'll keep updating you on my progress and maybe send a pict after I'm done with my supply. E.S. Omaha, NE
E. S. - Papillion - Nebraska

These tablets are great, my size is increasing both in width and length. My girlfriend even made a comment about it, that was very cool. My staying power has been more too, don't know if that was supposed to happen, but hey I'm not complaining.

I am EXTREMELY impressed with the success of the product. I am Usually skeptical of the "magic pill" solution for anything. This pill however has made me a believer. I have been on it about a month now and both myself and my wife have noticed a 'big' (pun intended) difference in the girth especially. I wouldn't necessary say it doubled in thickness, but darn close. Thank you immensely for the new confidence it has given me and The happiness my wife is having.
J.K.- Virginia

I just wanted to let you know that this product is awesome! I am almost done with just my 2nd bottle and I can really see a difference using this product! I was very skeptical at first, especially after trying Longitude with only a difference in my sexual appetite but this product does that and so much more! Thank you!
D.Y.- California

I think that Extagen is very good. I finished my 3rd. bottle today and I already ordered one more.
J.I. - Rhode Island

Hey guys I have been on Extagen for about 2 1/2 months now and my penis grew from 6 inches to 8.5. This stuff has done wonders for my sex life and confidence. I am now quite satisfied with myself so I think after this bottle I'm calling it quits. try this product!
bmt - akron

Great product, been using it for about 2 months and have seen about a 2 inch growth so far it's great!
J.N. - CO

Well I took this product for about a year now and I got to say I was very impressed with my results. I was 3.5 inches long and after a 3 month period I've grown to a healthy 8.5 inch long beast dead. not hard):) and man my sex life is even greater than before.
K.K. - Hawaii

I am very satisfied with the results I have seen. My length has increased over an inch and a half so far and I still have one more bottle to go. I was kind of worried in the beginning but after three weeks or so all that was put to rest. It makes me wonder how big I can actually get considering I'm basically eight inches right now, let see if we can push for nine!
P.C. - California

These pills actually work. I saw gains in thickness and my endurance has improved 100%. Extagen works.
L.R. - Washington, D.C.

I did not expect any size gains when I ordered. I was more interested in increasing my libido, which happened.
C.S. - Indiana

I not only have had gains in size, but more energy overall.
S.H. - New Mexico

I was not sure about this stuff at first. The first two months I really didn't see that much of a gain. However, around the middle of the third month it was like an explosion! I gained just under 4 inches in length (for an over-all total of 9 1/2 inches!) and doubled my thickness! I got so big to the point that my wife said she was having second thoughts about this newfound growth, because she wasn't sure if it would fit! I'm more than satisfied with my results!
C.M. - Florida

I'd just like to thank you guys before I've even finished a complete cycle of Extagen.
I've tried Longitude before with "little" results. That's why I was hesitant at ordering this product at first, but I am so glad I decided to and so is my girlfriend. I've only been using Extagen for 3 weeks and I've already grown 1 inch and my stamina is getting out of control. I'm getting comments like, "Oh my god, ok I need a break" and so on. This is great, I can't wait till I finish a whole cycle of this stuff! :D
M.D. - Washington

My girlfriend sure seems to like the results and now I cant stop playing with myself. Joking aside I have achieved what I feel to be good results over a 4" diameter and 9" long. Up from a 7" which I thought was fine but this product is excellent.
C.H. - California

Although I was skeptical at first toward the claims your company made, I was happily surprised within two weeks as to the thickness and length I gained. As I continued to take your product I couldn't believe I kept on gaining size and thickness. I tried Longitude tablets in the past and in comparison I must say I am far more pleased with the results I gained from your product. I thank you and my wife thanks me. Nightly.
D.J. - Georgia

Your product worked great! I am a 43-year-old black man; it gave me more "staying" power and a firmer more rigid erection more frequently.
S.F. - Massachusetts

I'm very satisfied with Extagen, I tried Enzyte, and that was so expensive and the customer service was horrible, so I stopped. I tried Extagen about 6 months later. I didn't notice it for the first month that much. The tail end of the second month, and the beginning of the third, I didn't even pay attention to it. One day my girlfriend noticed the growth, her reaction was great for my ego. I felt like Bond James Bond. "Scotty WOW !!! " That was a good day.
S.N. - Massachusetts

Your supplement has added 1.5 inches to the length of my erection. My lover is giddy now when she plays with it, which I like too. She says great things about it when we're making love and about me as a lover. The pleasure and confidence I have in this part of my life now easily make the cost worthwhile. Please don't sell my name or e-mail to any person or business concern. Thanks Again.
S.O. - California

I'll admit I was skeptical when I purchased your product. But now, after following your plan for almost 3 months I have to say I am amazed at the results. I have seen an increase of at least one inch in length along with a considerable increase in girth. But the person who has noticed most is my wife. Her comments have ranged from "Why are you so BIG???" to "I felt like you put a log in me" (after intercourse). I used to have to use a large dildo to satisfy her but no longer. She does not know that I am taking your product but is thrilled with the increase in size never the less. And to add to my satisfaction with your product is the fact my erections are much harder than ever! Thanks.
S.F. - CO

Every Canadian knows you can't get penis enlargement pills in Canada. Customs won't allow yohimba bark through. So I got my uncle from the U.S (I won't say where) to ship me some. I have loved the results I've got from Extagen.
SDK - British Columbia

I have been taking the pills and have already noticed my penis girth is getting a lot wider and my orgasms are real strong. Thanks for your advice on this product.
JI Michigan

*The testimonials shown above are based on actual letters we received from our many satisfied customers that read this page of review and bought Extagen!

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