Enlast Review


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Enlast Review

The Enlast male enhancement is a very sophisticated personal lubricant. Unlike other oils that are sticky or greasy, the Enlast product is formulated to be slippery and smooth when applied - and to stay slippery, smooth, and wet during use. Enlast is water-based so there are no issues with latex condoms and allows the formula to taste much better than the majority of competitive products on the market. The water-base also dries naturally after use leaving no sticky residue or uncomfortable feeling attributed to other lubricant products. All the components in Enlast are hypo-allergenic and 100% USP approved for food use.

Enlast has been uniquely formulated with a variety of natural herbal remedies, vitamins, amino acids and flavoring to create an incredibly effective and powerful lubricant. One of the main ingredients in assisting with the sexual boost is L-Argynine; Arginine, an amino acid that has been demonstrated to aid in the increase of sexual stimulation. Arginine may be beneficial in treating sterility in men. In one study, men with low sperm counts took Arginine with 80% of the men showing significant improvement. Arginine is also noted by one researcher for its ability to increase libido and induce erections.

The botanicals Muira Puama and Huanarpo Macho have traditionally been used to stimulate sexual arousal in men and women.

Current applications of muira puama center around its ability to boost libido in men and women.

What makes Enlast male enhancement different from other treatments?
Enlast's natural ingredients are fast acting, easily applied and can be used safely with other medications. This offers men spontaneity without worry.

Who can take Enlast?
Enlast is the ideal choice for men of all ages. It was formulated to give men the extra staying power they need and deliver the results they want!

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