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Easy-Forex Review

About Easy-Forex Online FX trading System
Easy-Forex Trading Platform, founded by a group of bankers, Forex and Internet experts, offers Forex traders direct access to the global currency markets. Easy-Forex revolutionary Online FX trading platform is the first online FX trading system that allows clients to deal Forex as a consumer product. Easy-Forex Online FX trading platform is the only platform that enables users to start deals immediately. Unlike all other Online FX trading platforms, Easy-Forex eliminates the need to download proprietary software, fill out tedious forms, open a bank account or deposit money in advance !

No annoying forms!
No bank deposits in advance!
No software download!

Easy Forex technology breaks not only the administrative barriers, but also the minimum monetary entry level. With Their system the user can buy a AUD/USD Option for as little as 25 USD. Furthermore, although Easy Forex propose very complex financial products, Easy Forex take the user step by step, in the easiest and most transparent manner, through the route to complete the transaction.

Unlike other Forex Online FX trading platforms, Easy Forex's full range of Forex tools enables importers, exporters, and other's with Forex exposures, to easily hedge their funds.

Easy Forex develops and supports its own Online FX trading platform; Easy Forex enjoy a unique ability to continually develop the trading platform to meet the changing needs of their users.

We have checked Easy-Forex.com for quality and service and they got 5 stars out of 5 !

Easy Forex Contact Information

Easy Forex' experienced staff is available to answer your questions and provide assistance at all times.

Mailing address
Easy Forex Ltd.
P.O.Box 53742
Limassol 3317

General info@Easy Forex.com
Customer support cs@Easy Forex.com
Technical support support@Easy Forex.com
Trading trading@Easy Forex.com

Regional Partners partners@Easy Forex.com
Introducing Agents agents@Easy Forex.com
Refer-a-friend friends@Easy Forex.com
Business Affiliates affiliates@Easy Forex.com
Asia Pacific pacific@Easy Forex.com
Eastern Europe eeurope@Easy Forex.com

Headquarters: Limassol, Cyprus +357-25-828899
Dealing Room, Cyprus +357-25-817199
Fax, Cyprus +357-25-817183
Chicago, IL, U.S.A +312-634-1550
London, United Kingdom +44-1372-822908
Zurich, Switzerland +41-44-268-5400
Dealing Room, Zurich +41-44-268-5409
Tel Aviv, Israel +972-3-611-2992
Dealing Room, Tel Aviv +972-3-611-2999
Sydney, Australia +61-2-9238-0260
Melbourne, Australia +61-3-9820-2711
Manila, Philippines +63-2-6700-8483
Auckland, New Zealand +64-9-916-1548

Easy Forex Payment Methods

All major credit cards, wire transfers and more.

Easy Forex Testimonials

Easy Forex reviews:

I enjoyed the enthusiasm, frankness and knowledge, the instructor brought to the table. I like the instructor's ability to explain and breakdown, difficult to understand concepts. The technology used for online training was good as the student could both hear and see the charts in action simultaneously. In a nutshell, the instructor, did an excellent job in explaining a trading strategy, that can be easily implemented.
Nirmal K.
Pensacola, Florida, USA

Being able to train one-on-one from home, with a very experienced and knowledgeable instructor, on a practical, visual, hands-on basis.
Jaime C.
Miami, Florida, USA

The course was very direct and to the point. The training was superb.
Kenneth A.
Arlington Heights, Illinois, USA

The content of the training was very good.
Colon Z.
Miami, Florida, USA

The training was concise and very valuable. The trainer took special interest in answering all of our questions. He was patient and tried to give as much real live training as possible going over the real time charts.
Lata D.
Houston, Texas, USA

The training platform is VERY good. It allows you to see the instructor's charts in real-time, voice capability, and whiteboard. Training was very focused and to the point, no unnecessary frills.
Greg T.
Chicago, Illinois, USA

My trainer pointed out several things that I was doing wrong that were preventing me from being a successful trader. He definitely seems to care very much that I succeed. They are excellent. I am very impressed with the training technology and with the insights of my trainer.
Thomas A.
Coral Gables, North Carolina, USA

The strategies to trade!
Moises A.
Distrito Federal, Mexico

The instructor has a good sense of humor and he made the material clear and relevant.
Allen G.
Reedley, California, USA

The methodologies are very easy and very applicable. The guidelines are very specific.
Xiping M.
Wichita, Kansas, USA

Answers to the dumb questions as well as excellent strategies and excellent presentations.
John S.
Miami, Florida, USA

The trading strategies.
Nasser A.
Sabahiyia, Kuwait

Your instructor's patience and ability to clearly get across the subject matter.
John L.
Vence, France

Good hard copy and visuals of the trading strategies.
John R .
St. John, Missouri, USA

Training was very specific: exactly what one has to know to trade. Strategies were explained very well. It is very good!
Edward L.
Northvale, New Jersey, USA

I liked the technological aspect of training one-on-one live with a knowledgeable and experienced instructor. He took me at a pace at which I could assimilate the information. He encouraged me to ask questions on anything relating to the training and FX trading in general. The trading strategies I learned will become my main trading tools. Dan is a gentleman, descent, and has a good sense of humour.
Mark H.
Manchester, United Kingdom

Telephone support is provided.
Allan A.
Martinsville, Virginia, USA

One on one hands on and interacting. The live real time trading as a model to learn from, direct questions and complete answers. The Professionalism used in the instruction. Seeing the actual platform in action so you could see the buttons being pushed and how to work everything.
Liz B.
Long Beach, California, USA

The entire concept of helping the customers become better traders, and at no cost, is remarkable.
The straightforwardness of the instructor and of the presentation. To the point, no senseless / useless aspects.
The obvious intention to help. Leaving the door open for future questions and comments.
The strategy of trading in lots of 3, and the position management of same.
Dan B.
Quebec, Canada

The strategies taught focus on maximising your gains and minimising losses. In addition, it is based on what price is doing and not on fancy indicators. Cant wait to give them a go and thanx!!
Ruwelly S.
Dublin, Ireland

I liked the technical analysis and [forex] trading strategies.
Thongchai B.
West Hills, California, USA

My trainer made sure that all concepts were understood before moving on.
Chuan Neng L.
Diamond Bar, California, USA

[Forex] Training was very clear and direct. I was given a toolchest and taught how to use those tools. This is an excellent program!
Daryl G.
Sterling, Virginia, USA

I am sure Henry has taught this material many times, but he teaches as if it was his first time. He brings great energy and enthusiasm to the training. He has great patience and makes you feel completely relaxed and at ease. Great instructor!
Pete G .
Littlerock, California, USA

Having some experience in technical trading with commodities, I found my instructor's (Henry) presentation very easy to follow. Henry made it very easy for me to translate what I understood about trading into the realm of FX. He was very systematic, clear, concise, and knowledgeable. He was able to answer all of my questions directly and honestly with some wit and humor thrown in for good measure. Without Henry's advice, I would've had to spend months figuring out for myself such things as which currency pairs are best to trade, when is the optimal time to trade, and which attitudes and strategies are most effective in trading FX. I especially enjoyed the session on trading strategies. Henry explained that the most effective strategies are the simplest, as long as you are disciplined and manage your money wisely. Henry walked me through two examples of strategies step-by-step in detail. He even demonstrated how one strategy would be executed using a live chart of the day's EUR/USD prices. Talk about proof in the pudding, to be able to see how to trade profitably in real-time! The session was positively inspiring, and may lead to a collaboration on developing an even more profitable trading system. I know that when I am ready to begin trading FX with real money, I will come out a winner in the long run. Until then, practice (and patient testing) makes perfect. Thank you, Henry, for helping to usher me into the FX world. If you were a professor at a business school, I would vote you as my favorite teacher of the year! See you at the top!
David L. (Professor of Northwestern University)
Evanston, Illinois, USA

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