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Deer Antler Plus Review And Information

What Is Deer Antler Plus ?
It is a natural supplement with no added chemicals or, simply stated, the Creator's gift for all creatures. Deer antlers grow extremely rapidly and are naturally cast every year thus beginning a new cycle of growth. Velvet is the young antler in a cartilaginous state, harvested both for its nutritional and medicinal value and to prevent injury to the stags during the rutting season. Although contrary to the name, the velvety fur covering is removed during processing and is not included in the antler velvet supplements.

What Is In Deer Antler Plus?
Deer Antler Plus is a safe, proprietary brand of the highest quality deer velvet. Deer velvet is an animal product produced from the velvet antler of red deer. It is harvested humanely at the soft stage, is immediately freeze dried to maintain all its active ingredients, ground and encapsulated in gelatin capsules. It is harvested sustainable in clean, green New Zealand, the largest exporter of deer velvet in the world.

How Many Capsules Should I Take?
Recommended Dosage: Take one tablet in the morning with a meal and one tablet in the evening with a meal daily. Therefore, you should take two tablets a day for best results.

How long will it take to get the results I need?
Deer Antler Plus should produce results within 3-4 weeks provided that the user takes the recommended dosage. An initial purchase of at least two-month supply is recommended. Ongoing benefits require continued use. If for whatever reason, Deer Antler Plus does not produce the expected results, Deer Antler Plus offer a money back guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction. Just return the bottle to them and Deer Antler Plus team will gladly refund your money. There can be variability in response between people, as there is with many other products, where individuals may not achieve a response. For optimum results take Deer Antler Plus for a 3 to 4 month period.

This product is recommended primarily for men.

Where Can I Order Deer Antler Plus ?

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Deer Antler Plus Testimonials

Deer Antler Plus Reviews :

I began using the Gift of the Deer Antler Plus after an injury to my knee. After the injury, surgery, physical therapy, and massive doses of ibuprofen my knee continued to be swollen and painful. I started taking the Gift of the Red Deer about a year ago. The results have been wonderful. My knee has greatly improved. The swelling has diminished and the pain has significantly lessened, plus the added benefit of feeling more energetic from the Gift of the Deer Antler Plus.
- Kathy, Salida, CO

I am a 67 year old male who has had one by-pass surgery and have undergone Angioplasty three times. I have been taking Velvet Deer Antler Plus for six months. I have noticed a marked increase in my stamina. I also feel that my over all health is much improved.
- Jim B Hartsel, CO

Having used the Deer Antler Plus, I have seen an improvement in stamina and general health. At my last dentist appointment, my dentist told me that my teeth and gums had never looked this good before, and that I should continue using the supplement.
- Daryl D. Davis, Gunnison, CO

I am 54 years old and have suffered from arthritis in my hands, hips, and knees for the past ten (10) years. Having tried many of the supposedly miracle aids and pain relievers on the market, I had become cynical as to my belief in any type of relief-giving supplement, however, after much encouragement from a few friends, I decided to try one more supplement, "Deer Antler Plus" . For the first time in ten (1 0) years I've found relief from the pain I've suffered. I started taking the Deer Antler Plus nine (9) months ago, and have experienced reduced swelling and inflammation of my joints, a substantial reduction in pain , and as a bonus, my energy level has increased greatly! Yesterday, "A Cynic as to any miracle aid"! Today, "A confirmed and grateful believer!". Thank you for this gift!!
- Linn Peterson, Glastonbury, CT

*The testimonials shown above are based on actual letters we received from our many satisfied customers that read this page of review and bought Deer Antler Plus!

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