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BudgetMedicines Affiliate Program Review And Information

No cost to you to join! Simply sign-up and start directing traffic to their pharmacy. It's truly is the best pharmacy affiliate you will find.

Affiliate program with Epassporte

Fantastic [Big] Payouts
Earn a huge *20%* of every customer order placed, and every customer re-order
their top affiliates earn even more for larger volume sales.

3 Tier Multi-Level Commissions
Not only do you earn great commissions on sales referred, but you also earn commission on sales reffered by other affiliates you refer. Infact you earn commission on *3* levels of sales.
Watch your sales grow Exponentially!

Heres how the budget medicines 3 tier affiliate program works:
Affiliate Commissions:
Tier 1 : 20%
Tier 2 : 4%
Tier 3 : 1%

Your own personal customer referrals are considered Tier 1 sales. You are paid 20% commissions on your own personal Tier 1 sales. Top affiliates are paid more.

If you refer another affiliate to Budget Medicines (introduce a new affiliate to their program and they sign up) they become your Tier 2 affiliate. When a tier 2 affiliate refers a customer sale to Budget Medicines you are paid 4% commission on that sale - even though you had no direct influence in that sale.

If your tier 2 affiliate introduces an affiliate to Budget Medicines, that new affiliate becomes your Tier 3 affiliate. You will be paid 1% commission on Tier 3 customer sales.

The Budget Medicines 3 Tier affiliate program
lets your income grow Exponentially!

How do I refer affiliates?
Sending a customer or affiliate to ANY Budget Medicines page which includes your affiliate id in the URL
(eg. http://Bmpharmacy.com?ref=xxx), will result in an affiliate signup being registered as your Tier 2 affiliate.

To send affiliates directly to the affiliate signup page, please use the link:
<a href="http://Bmpharmacy.com/affiliate_signup.php?ref=xxx">
(where xxx = your affiliate id)

Recurring Commissions for "Life"
Currently, a referred customer is marked as yours for a period of 10 years. If the customer re-orders directly through them, at any time during the next 10 years, you will be paid commission on the re-order. Build a fantastic annuity income stream.

BudgetMedicines Affiliate are currently making changes to allow the customer to be marked as yours for Life. This system will not rely on cookies as your affiliate id will be saved with the customers details in their database. This is a far safer and superior system than those that are cookies based. Cookies never last a lifetime!

Payment on time, Every time!
Payment days are the 10th and 25th of each month, or the first working day thereafter. Twice a month payments allow them to maintain the lowest prices and best level of customer and affiliate service. Payments are currently made via direct bank deposit and ePassporte.

Powerful tracking and analysis tools with real time stats
Check your statistics in real time. Powerful reports, tools, and traffic analysis allows you to interrogate your performance down to the finest level of detail. Great for measuring the success of your individual advertising campaigns and maximising your return on investment. This is one of the best pharmacy affiliate programs guaranteed!

Top Quality Banners
BudgetMedicines Affiliate provide the finest quality media for use on your sites or for advertising.

For your Customers - The lowest prices on the web
BudgetMedicines Affiliate actively strive to provide the best prices on the web, backed up with 100% commitment to customer service and satisfaction. This market leading combination ensures the best possible conversion for your leads.

You should be!

We have checked Bmpharmacy.com Affiliate for quality and service and they got the highest rank! 5 stars out of 5 !

BudgetMedicines Affiliate Delivery Locations

World wide shipping

BudgetMedicines Affiliate Payment Methods

Payments are currently made via direct bank deposit, Checks and ePassporte.

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