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Budget Medicines User Reviews:

G.T. Holland, Netherlands
Today I received the second shipment. This is the fastest ever!!!! Thanks very much for your assistance. I think you and your collegues are great in service. Please let them know I am very satisfied in the way you have handled this. Will be a loyal customer for sure.

N.M. United Kingdom
Thank you for keeping me updated your customer support throughout has been excellent.

K.H. Sydney Australia
Thank you for your excellent service. My order arrived safely within a short time.

K.B. United Kingdom
Thank you for your quick and positive response. My package arrived today, so no problems. Your positive response was very reassuring and confirmed my view that I should come back to BM Pharmacy for all my future needs.

R.D. United Kingdom
I would like to express my thanks and appreciation for your excellent customer service, reliability and just great, great service! It is very rare that I would write a testimonial for a company, however I have enjoyed constant and amazing service from yourselves and I feel it necessary to put this in writing to express my gratitude and loyalty. Please feel free to use this testimonial in any advertising or literature etc. as I am more than happy to recommend you highly and without reservation! Thank you.

L.C. Australia
Thanks VERY much for providing such an efficient, easy and reliable service. I have tried the products already and they are everything that your site says they are. It is refreshing to find an internet based supplier that maintains such high standards of service, reliability, performance and excellent value for money. I have already told a number of my friends about your great products and service. All of them have asked me for the details of your website so that they can start ordering products from you straight away. I would be happy for you to use any of my feedback as a testimonial from a happy customer down here in Australia.

Janine. Missouri U.S.A
I can't believe it! Your business is wonderful. I got exactly what I ordered, at an affordable price, and in 5 days, all the way to Kansas City, Missouri! I definitely will be doing business with you again.

M.F.W. Texas USA
My order arrived in record time, you have excellent customer service, by the way very nice packaging too and I highly recommend your company! The cost of meds are so high and Thanks to you. it's affordable!

R.R. Florida USA
Just wanted to drop a line! My order was received in the US (Florida) in 7 days! The product quality is excellent, already seeing benefits! I am going to be a repeat customer for sure! Thanks for the great service and product!

M.D. Texas USA
I just wanted to say I've heard nothing but great reviews about your company and service. I Thank You so much!!

T.S. France
Hi, I'm a French customer, and after my second order successful delivery within the mentioned 21 days, I'm really pleased. Packaging is clean and plain. The pre-shipping emails are very much comforting. Sincerely yours, your faithful customer.

Budget Medicines Review

Budget Medicines Review

Their Mission at Budget Medicines is to provide their customers with generic versions of popular branded pharmaceuticals that are produced under Internationally Recognized quality standards in world class manufacturing facilities.

Budget Medicines are customer driven and strive to supply quality pharmaceuticals at significant savings for the benefit of their customers, world wide.

Budget Medicines FAQ

What are Generics ?
Generic pharmaceuticals contain exactly the same active ingredients as their branded counterparts. A drug company can hold exclusive patent rights to make a drug for 20 years after its discovery. After that, other companies can start making generic versions of the drug.

In almost all cases, generics work as well as their brand-name siblings, and often cost considerably less. This is possible not because of lower quality, but because research and advertising costs are much less for generics. Many insurance plans encourage you to accept the generic version of a drug whenever it's medically safe.

Do I need to provide a prescription ?
No. A Budget Medicines licenced physician will supply one for you. You will receive a FREE medical consultation. Your medical details will be reviewed by a licensed physician. Upon approval, one of their licenced physicians will issue a prescription for your medication. If there is a problem, you will be notified and/or contacted for more information.

Is this legal ?
FDA regulations allow for the importation into the USA of personal medication required for a 3 month period. It is becoming more and more common for medications to be ordered this way. However, please check the latest customs' regulations in your country before placing an order. Budget Medicines cannot guarantee customs clearance in your country.

How Do I Place an Order ?
When you click a 'Buy Now' link, you will be taken to their secure server where you will then submit your order for processing.

What happens once I Submit My Order ?
Your order will be dispatched within 72 hours of receipt via your chosen delivery method. The order will be shipped in a plain package, with no declarations. It is the customers’ responsibility to ensure compliance with any customs formalities or similar in your country of residence. Experience has shown that delivery is normally within 5 - 10 working days, however some destinations may take up to 21 days due to local infrastructure.

Delivery is currently taking 5 - 21 days, from the time of order.

What Are Your Privacy & Security Policies ?
Budget Medicines are dedicated to customer privacy and security. Please see their Privacy Notice for more information.

their on-line ordering system uses the latest in Secure Encryption Technology. All personal and credit card information is submitted with the highest level of security. their system also has safeguards in place to protect against credit card fraud. Individuals attempting the fraudulent use of a credit card will be reported.

What Are Your Shipping Rates And Policies ?
Please see their Shipping & Returns section for more information. Once Budget Medicines have received you order, it will be filled and shipped within 72 hours. Budget Medicines will notify you if there is a problem with your order and you will receive a confirmation email when the pharmacy ships your medication.

Can I Return My Medication for A Refund ?
For health and safety reasons, unfortunately Budget Medicines cannot accept returns. If your order was damaged during shipping, please return the goods, for prompt replacement.

We have checked Budget Medicines.com for quality and service and they got 5 stars out of 5 !
Great shopping experience. Buy with confidence.

Budget Medicines Delivery Locations

WorldWide Shipping.

Budget Medicines Shipping

Your order will be dispatched within 72 hours of receipt. The order will be shipped in a plain package, with no declarations. It is the customers’ responsibility to ensure compliance with any customs formalities or similar in your country of residence. Experience has shown that delivery is normally within 5 - 10 working days from the time of shipment, however some destinations may take up to 21 days due to local infrastructure.

Delivery is currently taking 5 - 21 days, from the time of shipment.
Shipping Alternatives

1st Class Airmail
Delivery can be to any valid address (residential or PO Box). There is no charge for this service.
- or -
Registered Airmail
To ensure a degree of security. Requires the customer to sign for receipt at your local post office. There is no charge for this service.

Budget Medicines Contact Information

Through online contact form in their website.

Budget Medicines Payment Methods

Only Visa Card.

More Budget Medicines Testimonials

M.P United Kingdom
Thank you for the despatch of my order which arrived two days ago. Your service is amazing and I congratulate you on your efficiency. I will definately use your website again and would like to thank you for the prompt action given to my order.

D.C California USA
This is my fifth order with your company, and I have referred many people to your site. I know of two people who are now customers of yours because of me. Your products are great! Your website is very user-friendly, and the products arrive very quickly. Thank you so much for everything!

F.M. Holland
I was very pleased with the assorted hardpack I received from you for my first order. Esp. the generic Cialis® and generic Levitra® are extremely good and do not cause the headache I seem to get from using generic Viagra®

I too was in customer service so I am duly pleased with your response. Great appreciation for your patience. I want you to know that I am passing your company name to all my friends. I have yet to find a company to compare with yours.

R.R. Califironia USA
Thank you for your continual feedback regarding my order online. Please be assured that I will recommend any friends to your company since your service thus far has been great and informative, especially if the order is great. Thank you!

I want to thank you all for your excellent customer service and fast shipping! I have never been treated as well as I was by your team. I am astounded and amazed that such a fine group of people are in business and blessed to have found you! Thank you again for your support, kind words, and fast shipping (5 days from payment to arrival!) ~ I will check in with you in a month or so, and look forward to future pleasant transactions. I have recommended you to my friends and will continue to do so!

G.S. Las Vegas USA
God bless ya! You r a good egg. Stop by for a free meal if u r ever in Vegas! Thank you for ALL your help!!!

D.P. Indiana USA
Thank you so much for the excellent service that you guys have giving me, Ive been a customer for quite awhile. And I also wanted to thank you for the voucher you sent me over some problems you had with your credit card processing service recently. I really appreciated that. Its always nice to do business with a company that likes to take care of their customers. You guys are for sure number one on my list for buying meds online. Theres not many companys out there like yours, so again thank you. Keep up the good work!

M.H. Middlesex UK
Hi - I was a bit sceptical reading through all of the positive testimonials, but here I am writing one myself! I have dealt with other sites which have not been so efficient and prompt, not to mention economical, and believe you me, I really appreciate your great service and prices- Many thanks! I am a very happy customer.

G.H. Iowa USA
Thank you. It is amazing that a company such as your is so responsive. You stand out among all the others. I have told many people of your services


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