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Australian Finance Review

Rate Blitz on Home Loans and Commercial Finance, Rate Blitz - as offered by Australian Finance's dedicated team of problemsolvers is aimed at reducing the cost of getting a home loan or commercial finance.
Australian Finance specializes in loans that are hard to acquire. Australian Finance solves home loan problems nationwide!

RateBlitz FeeBlitz
Interest Rate: 7.15% 7.37%
Comparison Rate 7.27% 7.40%
* The Comparison Rate is calculated on a loan amount
of $250,000 over a term of 25 years

What may appear as an impossible financial problem for you can often be broken down into a number of small manageable financial solutions. Loan application management information, provided by Australian Finance, will assist you to achieve the important steps to simultaneously meet your needs and satisfy the selected lenders criteria.

Australian Finance have a great reputation serving Australian borrowers for over 20 years. Australian has experience with a number of situations where they have identified finance solutions for clients who could not obtain finance through traditional lenders.

Australian Finance specialise in commercial, home, business and mortgage finance at the best borrowing terms and conditions available, for –

House / Mortgage Finance
Business & Commercial Loans
Cash Flow Loans
Equipment Finance
Working Capital
Bridging Loans
Debt Consolidation
Australian Finance has many lenders that are able to accommodate even the most challenging scenario. Australian Finance believe that there is almost always a solution available for your individual financial situation. Each problem is an opportunity to identify the best solution to your personal or business situation.

An important success factor is their customer service and their team of consultants is well informed about all the products available in the market place with over 30 financiers from which to choose. Private funds are also available.

Lets get started on solving your finance problem – Enquire Now and a member of their consulting team will contact you personally to discuss your financial solution.

*Australian Finance
A division of Adelaide Finance Agency Pty Ltd

Non traditional Home Loan Lenders - Industry History.Back in 1980 the Institutions – Banks, Building Societies, were the Loan industry. Through their Staff and Branch network, they were pretty much the only source of funds for home borrowers.

There existed a small second tier of Fund providers, and during this period Australian Finance (wholly owned by Adeliade Finance Agency), supplied referrals into both systems – and were paid by the borrower.

For the next 10 years to 1990, the Banks decided to outsource a lot of the work involved in writing Loans by establishing specific Finance Originators, like – AGC – ESANDA – Custom Credit. These organisations were still owned by the Banks.

Australian Finance provided referrals into both the Originator system and the still prevalent Bank Network system, as well as the small private sector – still being paid by the borrower.

From 1990 onwards, with the de-regulation of the industry, the banks sacked most of their branch sales teams, and closed their Finance Companies.
The Originators then became the Home Loan Consultants – Club Finance, Assured, BLHLs etc australian institute of finance or other Australian Finance companies.

As the Consultant Industry grew, some Banks then established Wholesale Fund providers like Liberty, Interstar etc, thus providing a second tier of funds for the Consultants Australian senior finance. For Australian car finance for bad credit click here !

Australian Finance continue to source funds from Banks, Wholesale Providers and still access some private funds.

Australian Finance are as close to an ‘independent’ broker, in that they still get paid by the client, and any rebates from the funds provider are passed to the client Australian Finance investor property.For Australian finance cards with bad credit click here .

Australian Finance are one of very few brokers operating in this way – it is still tricky to claim that they are independent, however they get very close Australian Finance group.

Case Histories with Australian Finance
A division of Adelaide Finance Agency Pty Ltd
These examples show how Australian Finance has enabled people to change their lives australian banking and finance Australian Finance solution.
They can help in all these areas:

Non-conforming Loans
Difficult Loans
Non Bank Lending
Private Mortgages
Second Chance Loans
Fresh Start Loans
Non-conforming Business Loans
Credit Impaired Loans
Lo Doc Loans
Unconventional Income Stream
No Demonstrated Savings
Start Up Business
No Tax Details
Business Difficulties
Third Party Loans
GST & Tax Funding
Australian car loans motor finance
Australian car finance

Helping Small Business
Issues: Second Chance Loans, Lo Doc Loans, GST & Tax Funding

Self-employed tiler has accumulated several debts including a tax liability of $40,000 due to unpaid GST. He now needs to consolidate these debts totalling $85,500 and refinance his existing mortgage of $234,500 to help reduce his monthly commitment. He was having trouble obtaining finance from traditional and lo-doc lenders because of 4 defaults.

Australian Finance result: APPROVED - It is one of best Australian finance companies !

New Jobs and Business Growth
Issues: Lo Doc Loans

A self-employed builder for 5 years wants to use $55,000 of the equity in his home to employ new staff and obtain funds to recapitalise his business and improve operating cash flow. His existing lender has declined his application due to lack of up to date financials, which means he now also needs to refinance his existing home loan of $260,000. His total requirement is a 90% LVR, and he has been unable to obtain funds at this LVR from traditional lenders or lo-doc lenders even though he has an unblemished credit file.

Australian Finance result: APPROVED

Divored and Self Employed
Issues: Second Chance Loans, Credit Impaired Loans, Lo Doc Loans

Following Colin’s divorce he accumulated several family law expenses, which put pressure on his cash flow and resulted in a default of $5,320. He has been self-employed as a property investment consultant for 3 years and needs $238,500 to purchase his first owner-occupied home. He approached Australian Finance because traditional and lo-doc lenders won’t give him the 90% LVR he requires due to the one paid default and lack of 2 years up to date financials.

Australian Finance result: APPROVED

Or if the thought of getting a home or business loan is a problem – Enquire Now and Australian Finance can work with you to match a solution to your particular financial situation.

Australian Finance can make it happen … These are not problems for them. They are just challenges and opportunities to find a solution for your particular home loan finance needs.

We have checked for quality and service and they got 5 stars out of 5 !

Australian Finance Testimonials

Whilst viewing Australian Finance, I came across a link to make contact with a Rep to discuss Home loans. We had often thought it would be great to get into a home now whilst the market had taken a downward turn. The product we found was a no deposit home loan so I clicked on the link entered our details and never gave it much more thought.
A few days later I received a call from one of your reprehensive . Upon our first meeting with him I noticed straight away he's "can do attitude" he was very clear in what he was able to provide assistance with and what would best suit our needs based on our current financial position.
Tim took away all our documents and came back with a product that we were both very happy with. Then went about making our distant dream become a reality. We are now the proud owners of our very first home and are no longer in the renting game all thanks to you.
We wish to say that during what we both thought would be a very stressful time we found you reduced this by:
Maintaining a Professional manner at all times
Breaking things down using simple easy to understand language and examples
Listening to us and acknowledging our concerns
Reply to emails, phone messages in timely manner
Keeping us updated on developments
Being available at anytime, to discuss our application
I would like to congratulate your company in employing positive people that also have an ability to relate to people and guide them.
John & Anna, NSW

Recently, I had the need to review my finances which involved consolidating my debts and refinancing my home loan. As fortune would have it and arranged for a no obligation home loan consultation.
It was here that I met our consultant. I have had many dealings with consultants, banks, and financial institutions and can honestly testify that I have not had more pleasure dealing with a consultant than I have with your consultant. I was so impressed with the totally professional manner in which he went about his work.
He patiently explained in clear terms all my questions. He showed me so many options that I was unaware were available to me, and advised me which options were best suited to my financial requirements. He showed where I could save money and has guided me through my financial dilemma, and now thanks to his knowlege and wide experience in the financial market, has set my finances on the right track and in doing so will save me thousands of dollars over the course of my loan, and put my day to day budget in order giving me greater saving ability.
I can only speak in the highest terms about Your company and your consultants professionalism, also let me add that he is a thorough gentleman who is a pleasure to do business with, and a welcome guest in my home.
Geoff, Reservoir, Tanya

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